A forbidden love? Should it be forbidden to love someone older than you? Is it forbidden to love your English teacher? What is Emma going to do when her life is turned upside down because of the person she loves?


1. Chapter One

 Emma is a straight A student. Class president, captain of her school volleyball team and is in the yearbook and prom commitee  Emma is a young Latina lady. She looks like shes in her early 20's but shes only 17. She is petite, not fat but not skinny either and has a nice body, she has a butt but barely any boobs! Emma is pretty but not gorgeous. She was so excited for her senior year. She cant wait for a couple of more weeks and school starts. Meanwhile Emma and her best friend Maggy decided to go out to the beach and have some fun. They were there all day and they noticed these cute five guys. The entire time Maggy and Emma were trying to figure out how to go and talk to them. When all of a sudden a volleyball smacks her in the head. This cute guy ran towards them. "Hey! I am so sorry for that! My friends thought it would be a good idea to get your attention by hitting you...  obviously that was not a good idea. Well, i'm Zayn and you two are?" Emma was still stunned by how gorgeous this random guy was. " I'm I mean i'm Emma and this is my best friend Maggy!"  Zayn, " Nice to meet you Emma and Maggy. Those are my best friends Niall, Louis, Liam , and Harry!" Maggy had her eyes on Liam and it was obvious he liked her too. Emma and Maggy decided to have a game with them when all of a sudden Emma cut her foot with a rock. Zayn, " Emma! Love! you cut your foot!" Emma," ohhh ouch! It really hurts!" "Don't worry i have band aids in my car, let me take you?", said Zayn. "Okay. Ouch it really hurts to step on it!" "Here let me carry you love!" "No, its okay I can walk. Ow! Never mind. Okay, you can carry me, but only because it hurts! Ha!" Zayn carried her all the way to the car. Emma liked being in his arms. Even though she doesn't really know him. She feels safe and warm in his arms. When they got to the car he was putting the band aid on. He stood up too quickly and he lost his balance. He fell forward on to Emma. They stared at each others big brown eyes and they both leaned in and stared making out. Emma felt it get really hot, really quick in his car. She never really thought that she would be doing it her first time in a car. She always hoped it would be romantic but hey its happening already and she liked it. He was being very gentle with her and she loved the way his hands felt going all over her body. She also loved the way his perfect,soft lips were kissing her from her lips down to her neck and down to her chest. I think they might have heard the moaning and that's why Maggy and the guys came up and they started laughing at them. Maggy yelled out "You go girl! haha text me when you're done!" and the guys shouted out, "Hey Zayn, you could at least turn the lights off and close the door! hahaha!" Emma got so red and covered herself up. He was also laughing and stared covering her up too. 

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