Something Green and Hot Sunscreen

It was in 1969 when Cali met Ray and she found her self doing the unthinkable: running away with him

California Joy Johnson is a back talking, opinionated wild child with non understanding parents and a diva sister who absorbs the spotlight like gasoline to a car.

Once meeting an annoying lost-in daydreams boy during a biology experiment she learns of his idea to leave everything behind and run off to Utah in search of a girl that he once loved and lost. While most would believe of this idea to be foolish, Cali took the chance by its wings and flew with them.

So, In a rash decision, without so much as a name from this boy Cali decides to run away with him and leave everything behind with no identity, chaperones and no idea what the plan even is.

While the boy is looking for a lost love Cali is looking for an adventure and a change of scenery. With secrets, law breaking and utter chaos in California the two learn of what freedom really is.


2. New Strangers and Harsh Reminders

I looked warily at my lab partner, not sure if I was up for the task of being his guardian.

I slipped my sandals off quickly, hoping that the teacher hadn't seen me. It was forbidden to ever take off your shoes while doing a lab experiment. I desperately needed them off though, my poor toes felt trapped and cramped in shoes.

He looked my way and smiled curtly at me. He looked uncomfortable and I noticed his dark chocolate brown eyes flicker down to my long, Indian tribal skirt. His face wasn't of that of mockery though, it was just of slight confusion.

I rolled my eyes, used to the stares and confused glances. That is what I got for being the 'outcast', the weird 'nature freak'. I was the obnoxious kid that protested about everything and anything no matter how pointless. Of course it was never pointless to me, everything I did was for a reason and was for the well being of everyone.

My lab partner unwrapped his "snack" and bit a large obnoxious piece. He was lucky that our teacher wasn't present at the moment, he would have surly been punished for eating in class. He was practically asking for me to comment on his poor eating habits.

I mean come on, the things didn't even look like food.

"You know, those things are practically made for dogs. They just put them in plastic wrap, made them even more expensive than necessary and then stuck them in the snacks section in the gas stations." I said, putting my hair up into a long ponytail and moved the Erlenmeyer flask to the opposite side of the table, as far away from him as possible. I didn't want to risk any chemical spill.

He set down his already eaten Slim Jim and faced me, one eyebrow raised challengingly. I didn't look at him, I just continued moving the biology utensils as far away from him as I could manage.

"You know, in most circles people actually brush out the tangles in their hair before the birds begin nesting." He grunted in his smooth southern accent. His voice sounded annoyed and very much tired, as if he'd been up all night. I just shrugged and continued moving things.

"You know, the older you get the more at risk you are to becoming seriously overweight so if you want to keep that spot of yours on the football team-or as I like to call it 'brain dead barbarians running around for some irregular shaped ball'- you should really watch the amount of dog food you give yourself daily." I turned to face him with one eyebrow raised up, as if daring him to say anything else.

"I am not on the football team." He said simply, he sounded confused.

"Oh." I said. I looked like an idiot and felt my cheeks flush. I ignored the embarrassment though and continued moving the rest of our utensils.

"Are you stupid or something?" He scoffed.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You heard me." He snapped, glaring at me. I didn't feel the least bit self conscious at his looks. I refused to embarrass myself again in front of this boy. "You know that I am not on the football team. What, was that some kind of racist joke or something? Huh?" He pressed on. I gulped and froze in my place.

"Oh-I just...well I forgot-"

"About what? The fact that they wont let a black guy on the team. Yeah sure." He laughed darkly to himself. I felt hot and idiotic. Either he truly believed that I was just being rude or that I was an ignorant dummy. I looked up at him. "We live in South Carolina for pete sake."

"I forgot. I'm sorry...I never meant rude or something." I continued looking at him while he wrote his name on his paper. He ignored me for a few seconds and finally I gave up trying to apologize.

"And why are our things over there?" He pointed at our flasks and tubes in drained annoyance. After insulting him more then once I could see why he was so hostile. I still refused to back down to him, no matter how guilty that I felt.

"Because, I just want to make sure that our science experiment together is safe and healthy for the both of us. So our best bet for an appropriate environment is if all of the things with liquid in them, dangerous or not, is as far from you as possible." I began writing my name on the paper. Glad for the least bit that he was actually talking to me.

He let out a heavy sigh. "God, when they said you were an annoying loud mouth hippie I thought they were just exaggerating." He mumbled. I had to admit that it did sting just a tad, but I knew better then to let his words bother me. Everyone had their opinions and if everyone's was that I was annoying then that was their issue, not mine.

I had no idea how but he must have seen something in my face because he added: "Well not everyone said that...I guess only one guy but that was just because he-"

"I don't care honestly." I snapped, cutting him off. I hated it when people felt the need to lie. It was so unnecessary.

I knew what people in the grade thought of me, I knew that they thought it was strange of me not to wear shoes around school and that it was weird to sit criss crossed outside in the grass and bask in the sunlight between absolutely every class, but this is how most inventors start out, they always start out ridiculed.

"Yeah, you do care honestly." I almost didn't hear him say it, I almost just ignored it, but I couldn't. I faced him dead on for the first time, looking him dead in the eyes and stared him down. He didn't flinch an inch.

"And what makes you think that I do care, huh?" I ask, setting down my pencil and glared at him.

"Well, everybody cares." He said matter-of-factly. I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself.

"You are such an absurd cliche misunderstood teenage boy." I said, laughing to myself.

"I know you care and I know every rude comment hurts your feelings." He said so confidently I might have believed it myself.

"You don't know anything." I mumbled, taking a flask and dropping two droplets of acidic liquid into the water. I stirred the liquid for a few seconds before sliding a plant sample inside of it.

"I know because I saw you cry that one time." He said casually,his voice was quiet as if he didn't mean for me to hear. I stopped short and froze.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. My voice was shaky and I felt hot under the cool air.

"Oh...I guess I thought I saw you that one time and...I thought you saw me and...Well I just assumed that-"

"I was most defiantly _not_ crying okay? Drop it." I demanded. I expected him to continue on further but he did as told and stopped talking. I continued dropping in more samples of liquid forcing myself to clear my mind of what he just said and forget it all. I didn't even know the boys name and he assumed that he had the right to tell me what he saw.

I looked back down at my sheet and continued writing down observations quietly until the bell rung.

I put everything away and watched as my lab partner left silently without a single glance back at me. I slipped my sandals back on and whip my messenger bag around my shoulder not only dreading tomorrow with my lab partner but also dreading what was for lunch that afternoon.




California is played by Kristen Stewart :)

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