You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


6. That Should Be Me

[Austin's POV]

I honestly think that Alex will end up breaking Jess's heart sometime soon and if he does then I don't know what I'll do but I'll sure be pissed. Jess deserves better and I think she would be better with me.

I start to sing, "That should be me holding your hand. That should be me making you laugh. That should be me this is so sad. That should be me. That should be me. That should be me feeling your kiss. That should be me buying you gifts. This is so wrong, I can't go on, till you believe that that should be me."

No I'm like torn. I was gonna end up asking her out but instead I let Alex ask her out and I acted happy. Why did I do that? I guess so she could be happy... I don't know I just want to be with her.

She's gonna get hurt. She's gonna get hurt.

My phone rings and pulls me out of my thought, it's Alex.

Him: Aye, meet at Jess's house at seven, okay?

Me: Yeah, you sneaking her out of the house.

Him: Yes. Aye I got to go I'll talk to ya later...

Then he hangs up.

Actually I'd rather not sneak her out but I have no choice in this. Anyways, there are gonna be girls at my party and if he does anything with them then I'll beat his ass. No joke. No one will hurt my Jess and  get away with it. Well her mom.... I can't stop that, I wish I could though...

It's like six thirty and yeah I better get ready for this party. I just can't stop thinking about how he's gonna break Jess's heart sometime.


A/N Awe, Austin is so worriedddd and sorry this chapter is short....

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