You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


25. JB

Only got one idea.. and that's JB!! Enjoy


I walked home in the morning and saw AC outside, "AC!!" He turned, "Are you gonna call me that too?? That's Austin's thing." I shrugged, "It's mine too." He looked down at his phone, "Who ya texting?" He shrugged, "Nobody." I grabbed his phone, "I know better than that. It's either the easy way or the Jess way." He sighed, "A friend." All the sudden girls swarmed a car, "Is that your friend?" He held onto his beanie, "Possibly." All the sudden, Justin Bieber walked out and girls squealed there head off, "Oww." I put my fingers in my ear and AC walked up to him, "Hey Alex. Jess." I smiled and walked down the street some more, "Hey." I turned around and Austin was chasing after me, "What?" He shrugged, "Maybe we could hang out again." I laughed, "I have to change, take a shower, and blah blah blah." He laughed, "Well maybe later." He kissed my cheek and walked across the street, "And Jess?" I shrugged, "What?" He laughed, "I love you." I smiled, "I love ya too Austin."

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