You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


5. Goin' To Jess's House

[Alex's POV]

Austin just called me and told me to go to Jess's house to talk to her mom...

So, I leave my house and quickly get to Jess's. I knock on the door

"I got it mom!" I hear Jess yell.

"No! You're grounded! Get away from that damn door!" He mom screams.

About a minute later her mom answers the door, "Who are you?"

"Alex." I respond.

"Come in..." She says. She actually calm.....

"Let's go sit on the couch..." Her mom says.

So, I follow her and we sit on the couch.

"You really like my daughter?"


"You treating her right?"

Better than you... "Yes."

"Just don't hurt her or you'll be sorry..."


"Oh and I'm sorry about the other night I was just so mad."

"That's alright."

"You can go see Jess for like two minutes if you want to."


I go up the stairs and find Jess's room.

"Oh hi!" She says kissing me.

"Hi, you feel like sneaking out tonight?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Austin is having a party and were going."

"Alright. It's easy to sneak out of this place..."

"Alex! It's time for you to leave..." Her mom shouts from down stairs.

I kiss Jess and hug her, "Be ready by seven, okay?"


I leave her house and go back to my place.

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