You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


30. Authors note.

So I don't know if you guys still read this, but I think I promised a sequel. I haven't been active, mainly because I've lost myself, and my humanity. That and I've had a hard time writing. I've become more complexed and sophisticated. I won't update every day. sorry but being a sophomore is complicated ya know? Some of you will probably be llike, I'm not wasting my time, im older now, not retarded. And some of you may not like Austin Mahone anymore. So I'll start it, and you can request to be a coauthor, you can comment ideas, you can even scream and yell at me because I'm not updating. I'm very openminded and yea. I'm calling the sequel something that's not cliché. That's not the title, that just well yea. I'm kinda socially awkward, and I kinda hate humanity. Sorry not sorry. But I'll get on the sequel like right this second. Straight up. P.s changing my username. Why would you let me put that as my username. I thought we were all friends here. ~okaycliché

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