You Got What I Need

My life isn't the best, my parents are rude and make me babysit while they go out. It's not my job to babysit. The thing that makes my life special is my two best friends Alex and Austin.


14. Alex

[Jessica's POV]

After that we left the mall and now were going back to Austin's house. Yes I'm still grounded but do you think my parents noticed that I'm gone? Nope!

We walk past Alex's house and Alex runs out and walks to us.

"Hey guys..." He says quietly.

"What do you want?" I say coldly.

"To say that I'm sorry for hurting you. Sorry that I got so drunk." He says.

"It's fine..." I say.

"No it's not!" Austin says.

"Austin, I'm trying to say sorry for what happened. Um, I'm sorry about the fight we had even though you hurt me more than I hurt you." Alex says.

"Yeah well that's what happens when you hurt Jessica. You cheated on her!" Austin says.

"I know what I did! I didn't even know who that girl was. Austin, can we still be friends? Please!" Alex says, begging.

"Fine but if you hurt Jess again, I'll never be your friend again." Austin says.

"Thanks." ALex says. He looks at me, "Jess..." He begins.

"Yeah, we can be friends." I say fast.

"Well, can I have a second chance?" He asks.

Austin wraps his arm around my waist and kisses my cheeks, "No, she's mine now." Austin says.

I smile at how cute Austin is.

"Oh that's cool." ALex says quietly.

"Well, do you want to come hang out at my place with us?" Austin asks.

"Sure!" Alex says.


Hey guys! Man, I've made you guys wait for this chapter forever! Sorry about that! I just couldn't think of anything. Can you guys give me some ideas for the next chapter, some drama maybe?


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