She is the one

Emily has been in the orphanage for 18 years (since she was born) and has never been adopted. Finally she gets adopted and starts a new life. New school, new friends, new EVERYTHING. On her first day of school she bumps into a very kind hearted boy name Niall. But when he sees Elizabeth his whole life turns upside down.


5. Worst week of my life.

Emily's POV:

I hated this week. Nothing went right.


It was Tuesday morning and it was 15 minutes before school started. I was putting my things in my locker when I heard someone yell at someone else "YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER!! YOU GOT ME!!!" I slammed my locker closed and ran to see what was going on. I saw a big circle of people.i pushed my way to the front so I could see. But since I was so short, all I could see was blonde hair and standing up and shirt brown hair laying on the ground. Out of  the blue, the principle comes storming in, grabbing both of the boys by the back of the shirts. I could now see who it was. It was niall with a bloody nose smirking. And the other was a boy named, I think, Jacob. I was shocked and when niall saw me his smirk faded. He was taken away by principle Winston

after school*

i was sitting at the park, under my secret tree. It was called that because behind it was a Broken wooden fence that I always slipped in when I was sad. I just sat, trying to grasp what happened at school when niall comes walking toward me. "I would think you would me in detention."well she gave me a warning because I never did anything bad. Yes I know, goody goody."

I smiled, letting out a giggle. "Why were You yelling Jacob to stay away from 'her'? We're you talking about Addie?" "Um... Yah, sure."

nialls POV:

I didn't want to lie to Emily. I yelled that to keep Jacob away from her, not Addie. I hated Addie. I wanted to break up with her, but I didn't know when. I LOVED Emily. I just didn't know how to tell her or if she felt the same. "He was going with HER." "Ok?" She said confused by my tone.

emilys POV:

i knew he was lying, just didn't want to push him to tell me. He was my BEST FRIEND EVER (and I also really really liked him, everything about him.) "can I show you something?" "Sure." He followed me behind the vines and to the wooden gate. I opened the door and turned  left. There were a  about 7 wooden planks on top of the gate that helped the rain from falling into it there were newspapers on the ground so you wouldn't step in mud, an old pillow, a pullout light, and another pillow. " this is where I come when I'm just, I need to think. Or when I m sad. It is very peacefull and I have been going since I was about 11. And you are the only other person that knows about it. You needed to know because you are my best friend." I sat on the pillow and jestured niall to sit in the other one. He did.

nialls POV:

those words killed me. 'Bestfriend' was that all I was to her? I wanted to be more. We sat for about 20 minutes when I itterupted her wonderful voices. And said that I had to leave because I had business to take care of. I rushed out to go find Addie.

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