She is the one

Emily has been in the orphanage for 18 years (since she was born) and has never been adopted. Finally she gets adopted and starts a new life. New school, new friends, new EVERYTHING. On her first day of school she bumps into a very kind hearted boy name Niall. But when he sees Elizabeth his whole life turns upside down.


1. New life

Elizabeth POV:

Ugh. I kept thinking to myself as the Blake family rambled on about their life story. "Emily, are you listening, sweetie?" They asked with a polite to tone. "Yes, this is very interesting!" I lied. " it's just, when do I get to tell you about my life?" "Well, go ahead!" My new mother smiled. " ok. My name is Emily. Emily Elizabeth Johnston. I am 19 years old and I have have never had a family before. But I do have these converse shoes that when ever I meet a new family that hates me, which is all of them, I put their last name on the rim of the shoes. And I am almost out of room so good thing you adopted me now!" I giggled. " well we are glad we did it! You are going to grow up to be a great woman!" My new father cheered. "Yes and you are going to have lots of new friends at your high school! You will be very popular!"my mother lowered her voice to a whisper as if her husband couldn't hear her. " and I have also heard their are some pretty descent boys their..." She winked. "MOM! Wait is it okay if I call you mom?" "Of course." I smiled. "And want about you, Parker? Tell me about your life!" I looked over at my 12 year old brother who was looking out the window. His freckles shined in the sunlight. "Well" he glances over at me. "I play football with my buddies jack and Chris. Um, I go to Evans middle school in 6th grade and if a girl has brown eyes and brown hair with a great personality I would consider dating her." We all laugh. "Oh come on Parker! Your 12! You don't even know what love is!" I joked. He scowls at me sarcastically. Which make me roar with laughter. I was feeling like I belonged.


about 20minutes later after talking and laughing with my new family, we pulled into the driveway. I loved there house. It was big and had a great view of a lake which made me excited because I love swimming in open water! There was a little creek that ran back behind our house and on the other side of the creek was a golf course. It was amazing! My dad showed me to my room which had a big window that had a view of our neighbors window. Inside that window looked like a teens room about my age because I see a poster that says 'happy 19th!'. Cool... I mumbled. A put my boxes in my room and started to unpack.


after for what seemed like for hours, I finally finished my room. It looked PERFECT.i sat on my well made green poka dotted bed and thought. I thought about how my life is going to change now that I have a family. I flinched to the sound of a door slamming. I shot up and looked around I looked outside my window to see a blonde haired boy sitting on his bed with hand on his face. He seemed frustrated. So I tried to get his attention to see what was going on.


nialls POV:

i looked up to see a girl knocking on her window I have never seen her in my life. What is she doing in the Blake's home? She held up a paper that says 'you okay?' I grabbed some paper and a marker and started to write. As I wrote I couldn't help notice how...beautiful she is. I held up my paper which ' tired of my love life' and gave a sad look. I wrote another message,'why are you there? Who are you?' She quickly glanced at it and stared to write. 'Got adopted:)' it wrote ' my name is Emily, what about you?' 'Niall, just wondering are you going to Allen high school?' Emily nodded. 'Cool me too! Hopefully I will see you there' she blushed. Her brown eyes sparkled as I looked into them. A gorgeous smily spread across her face. ' hopefully' her sign read. We  both smiled. Wow was she amazing.

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