She is the one

Emily has been in the orphanage for 18 years (since she was born) and has never been adopted. Finally she gets adopted and starts a new life. New school, new friends, new EVERYTHING. On her first day of school she bumps into a very kind hearted boy name Niall. But when he sees Elizabeth his whole life turns upside down.


3. New friend!

Nialls POV

"do you want to come in?" I asked Emily. She nodded. I showed her way into the door to find my parents talking about politics, like always. They didn't notice I was home so I coughed to get their attention. "Oh hey Scooter!"" Dad! I told you not to call me that I'm 19 years old I AM IN COLLEGE!" I moaned. My parents both sat up to greet Emily. "Hi, am bobby and this is Maura. And you are?" My dad stuck out his hand for Emily to shake. "I am Emily. I just got adopted by your neighbors, the

Blake's. my room has a view of nialls room. Wait that sounded kind of stockerish, sorry!" We all laughed. "Well it is very nice to meet you. I hope we see you around more often!" My mother smiled. "We were thinking about going over to Addie's to give the gift that we picked out for her birthday. We will be back in about an hour." They nodded. "Bye!" They yelled.

mauras POV

"she's cute!" I winked at bobby who was in thought. " yes she is! Very kind and pretty and just a wonderful young lady." I winked at him.

emily's POV

*knock knock* we stood in front of Addie's home waiting for an answer. A 18 year old girl opened the door whic have must of been Addie. She is very pretty! Her green eyes glistened while her perfect smile shined in our eyes. "Niall what a surprise! And who is this?" "Oh I am Emily. I just moved in next to Nialls house." "I thought she needed some friends and you popped into my mind!" Niall added. "Oh well come on in!" Addie led us to the living room and kissed Niall on the cheek. We talked and talked and talked for what seemed like for hour's, but it was only one hour. " well I hope to see you at school! A d thank you so much for the new soccer shirt! See you soon!" Addie yelled. " do you want a ride home?" Niall asked. "Nah I'm good I will just walk." "Oh well ok." Niall looked disapointed, but got in his car and drove away. I walked home just thinking. I got home put on my pjs and went to bed.

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