She is the one

Emily has been in the orphanage for 18 years (since she was born) and has never been adopted. Finally she gets adopted and starts a new life. New school, new friends, new EVERYTHING. On her first day of school she bumps into a very kind hearted boy name Niall. But when he sees Elizabeth his whole life turns upside down.


4. First day of school...

Emily's POV

*aaa aaa aaa*my alarm clock goes off. I groaned and slapped the clock to turn it off. I sat up straight and stretched, grabbed a hair tie and put my hair in a sloppy bun. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I wiped the dry drool off my face and stood up to get ready for school. I took my shower put on my best shirt I bought while shopping the other day (which was a big light green cardigan which I tucked into my blue skinny jeans). I wanted to make good impression today so i decided to curl my hair loosely. I sat down to tie my shoes when I heard a knock coming frome outside. It  was niall with a sign that said 'morning!' I waved and walked over to put on my mascara. I looked over at niall who held a sign that said 'STOP! Makeup Is stupid.' I blushed and put my mascara down I held my hands up to say that I surrender. We both laughed. We waved to each other and left our rooms. But I ran back in to grab my mascara.

*at school*

i rushed to the front desk to grab my schedule. I asked the lady and she gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen and pointed to the paper. I examined it. 'Fine arts' it read. I scurried to room 212. I slipped in the classroom right before the class started. As I always do, I sat in the back of the class. The boy next to me waved. I smiled. "Hello, I'm harry" his dimples were showing. "Emily." "You new?" "Yes, I just got adopted by the Blake family and met my neighbor niall, who also goes this  this school. Maybe you know him?" "In fact I do. We are both big buddies with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlison, and Liam Payne. Zayn is up there in the front of the class." His curly locks flipped as he pointed at Zayn. "Cool well maybe you can introduce him to me after class." He nodded and we got back to our class. At the end of the day I have met all of the boys, Danielle Peazer (Liam's girlfriend), Eleanor Calder (Louis's girlfriend), and Perrie Edwards (Zayns girlfriend). Well now have lots of friends to hang with but

But the one I like most was Eleanor. She can be my BFF. 

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