She is the one

Emily has been in the orphanage for 18 years (since she was born) and has never been adopted. Finally she gets adopted and starts a new life. New school, new friends, new EVERYTHING. On her first day of school she bumps into a very kind hearted boy name Niall. But when he sees Elizabeth his whole life turns upside down.


2. Did you follow me?

Emily's POV:

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I not a big bacon person. I don't know why it's such a hit with everyone else. I trudged out of bed, grabbed my clothes, and slowly walked to the bathroom.i took a 20minute shower, and put on my sweat pants and tank top. I brushed my hair to right side of my head (like I do everyday) and slipped on some toms. I looked out my window to see Niall huddled in his bed drooling. I also drool. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to find my brother sitting at the counter munching on the crisp bacon. "Mornin' Parker!" He flinched at the sound of my voice. "Heyoo!! Want some bacon?" "Nah I'm  good. I'm not a big fan of bacon." "WHAT! If you don't like bacon, you can't be my sister!" Parker joked. We both giggled. "Good morning sweet heart! Your daddy and I have divided to take you shopping for school...and some of those boys." "Stop it!" She smiled at me. "Thanks I would love to" I responded while nodding my head. I jogged upstairs to put something descent on so I don't look like I'm going to the mall in my PJs. I walked over to my dresser which had the view of Niall's room. Niall wasn't in there. 'He must of woke up' I said to my self. 'Duh!' I mumbled. I put on a laced shirt with a coral color tabletop under and a rainbow scarf. I say down and tied my old, written on converse and grabbed my purse. "Emily!" My dad yelled. "Coming!" I galloped downstairs to find my family all ready. "Let's go" my mom said "oh wait!" I grabbed my sunglasses and nodded my head, signaling that I was ready Parker charged outside and to the car. "he was so fast! I bet all the 6th graders want him. I giggled.

we drive to the Allen Outlet Mall. This place had everything!Aeropostale, abricrombi, converse, American Eagle, and even Clair's!

at first we started at abricrombi. This place was packed! People were rummafing around to find a peice of clothing to try on. I slipped in and walked over to the teens area. I LOVE abricrombi! I searched for what seemed like forever and I heard a 'hmm' coming from the boys area. I looked up to find niall scab age for some new pants. "Niall?" I tip toed over to him. "Oh hey! Um... Emily! How's it going?" He asked me. I didn't know he was Irish. It was a cute Irish accent. He looked even cuter in person. "Oh, good, just shopping... I am guessing the same with you?"we giggled. "Well yah! I was here to buy something for my girlfriend, Addie. I was over at the soccer store across the walkway when I decided to get something for me to!" He smiled. "OOH! Can help?" "Definitely! I am not the best at shopping for girls. What better way to do that with the help of an actual girl!" I blushed and giggled. WHY do I keep giggling. Do I like him? No that's not possible. I mean there is no way I could be in love with his beautiful blonde hair and his muscular body and his ocean blue eyes that sparkle everytime you- NO stop it. "We'll let's get looking!"

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