The Nanny

ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well...

Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it, it'll be hard to get back... But now I think i isn't completely a bad thing, I mean, call it fate or however you want, but it happened.

You never know wht can happen, and well maybe a trip changed everything. This is my story, this was my nanny.


I know it doesn't say much but I couldn't come up with a real prologue, anyway, I hope you cn get attached to it easily like I did.


6. Who are you?

"So, what did he say?" asked Eleanor referring to the principal.
"He said if I had another problem he'd call my parents," I laughed."I don't think he'll find them," Eleanor laughed with me.
"Someone else can come…" she said while with her eyebrows made a sign for me to turn around. Without being obvious I turned around, and I found Liam reclining over his car, he had his arms crossed and Ray Ban glasses covering his eyes. I could tell he saw me when he grinned in my direction.
Even then I couldn't help but look at him; he had a red shirt, which looked amazing with his skin tone, some dark pants, which looked even better on him.
After analyzing him head to toes, I turned to Eleanor again.
"Sorry Elea, we're walking today," I said and she looked at me confused."I'm not going with him!" I explained and she busted out laughing remembering what I told her about this morning.
"Emi, you should let your pride a little bit down, after all you're spending a lot of time with him."
"Ha! We'll see," I said while we walked out of school."No, Elea, let's go that way!" I didn't want to go where Liam was.
"But we're walking like half a mile more!" she complained.
"Elea!" I said half begging.
"Are you afraid of him carrying you again?" she laughed.
"Eleanor!" I glared at her."I am not afraid, it's not that…"
"Then? What is it?"  She knew me well, she was daring me, and she knew if it was dealing with my pride I'd do it.
"Forget it," I said walking in Liam's direction.
I walked with Eleanor by my side and I heard a whistle -Idiot- I thought, but honestly, I wanted to say it to him.
"Hey, where are you going?" I heard him say.
"Home," I replied.
"Get in the car," he said indicating with his head.
"No," I said cold and kept walking.
"So, you don't want your car back?" I heard the jingling of the keys; Elea was watching me with a funny expression trying not to laugh.  Liam rounded the car and opened the passenger's seat, still jingling the keys.
The offer of my car was too tentative, "come on Elea," I said walking towards him.
I smiled victoriously when I was beside him, and held my hand out to take the keys; he put them in my hand, but before I could close my hand he took them back.
"Not so fast," he laughed. "Get in the car."
"Elea," I said so she would get in the car too.
"No, I'm walking," she said smiling.
"Get in, it's no problem," Liam said, but she kept saying no.
"Eleanor, get in," I looked at her, again, begging.
 Finally she agreed and got in the backseat.
"And you are?" asked Eleanor -I adore you! - I thought when I heard her say that.
"Emily hasn't told you?" He said looking at me and I laughed.
"You're no one for me to talk about," I said looking out at the window.
"I'm Liam, the babysitter of this spoiled girl," He said laughing and Eleanor joined him.
"Turn here," I indicated for him to get in Eleanor's neighborhood.
"Thanks!" Said Eleanor walking out of the car.
"No problem," replied Liam.
"See you tomorrow," I said. She got in her house, and the car started moving. "Where are we going?" I asked when I saw we weren't going home.
"We'll get some supper," he said looking at me.
"Who said I want to go?" I kept being cold.
"I didn't ask, and actually I don't care," he smiled and turned his gaze to the road. "We're here," he said parking on a fast food stand.
"Wow, so splendid," I said sarcastically.
"Sorry," he said getting out of the car," but you didn't gain any better," he said when I was walking up beside him. "Besides, you would've complained like you do with everything."
"I already told you nothing bothers me… just your existence, maybe. " I walked in the restaurant and I heard him laughing behind me.
"Do you want something?" He said walking to order.
"I'm not hungry," I said and walked to a table in the counter.
I watched Liam's silhouette walking to the other side. If I had known him in some other place, I would've never been mean to him; in other circumstances I would've done anything to go out with him.
"Why are you looking at me?" His voice got me out of my thoughts.
"Me? At you? Ha!" I laughed sarcastically. "Not even in your dreams, Payne."
"Accept it, you're crazy about me," he winked at me and put the little sign with the order number on the table. He sat back in the chair and crossed his arms.
"You wish!" I said laughing.
"Then why were you looking at me?" he leaned on the table. "Or what were you thinking of?"  he raised one of his eyebrows.
"I was thinking of how is it possible for me to highly dislike someone with so little time," I lied, clearly I wasn't thinking that.
"You know…"

I know, I know, how do I dare to leave it that way? it's kinda late here and I have school tomorrow, I'll post two chapters tomorrow. If you didnt notice, I changed the _____ for Emily, so yeah

Okay, that's it, thanks for reading:)

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