The Nanny

ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well...

Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it, it'll be hard to get back... But now I think i isn't completely a bad thing, I mean, call it fate or however you want, but it happened.

You never know wht can happen, and well maybe a trip changed everything. This is my story, this was my nanny.


I know it doesn't say much but I couldn't come up with a real prologue, anyway, I hope you cn get attached to it easily like I did.


4. No car


 I am still updating 3 or 4 times a week until I reach at least 150 readers:)

Now enjoy!


His closeness made me nervous, but I wouldn't let myself show it. He kept coming close but he changed his way to my neck; I could feel his breath in my skin.  He went up to my ear slowly; I relaxed a bit and closed my eyes.
"I'll take your keys…" he murmured. I opened my eyes immediately and closed my fist to keep them away from him, but of course he was faster than me and took them anyway.
"You're an idiot!" I yelled angrily.
"Hey, behave and I might take you to school," he smiled widely.
"You better watch your back," I said climbing the last steps.
"Yeah, I'm shaking," he laughed sarcastically.
I got in my room and lay on my bed. I can't stand him! After I calmed down I decided to call Eleanor
"… I mean, I don't get why him!" I said desperately.
"Just think about it, if they hired a serious, old man, he would be gone by now! As far as I know, he's pretty much like you." She was right, but I wasn't giving up.

I woke up again with Liam knocking at my door. "Is it going to be this way every day?" I heard him, but I decided to ignore him. I did as usual; took a shower, got dressed [] and went down stairs.
"Give me my keys," I said when I saw him sitting at the kitchen table.
"Ha! Why would I? You don't do what I tell you to."
"Just give me my keys."
"Nope," he said smiling.
"Then I'll stay home," I said raising one eyebrow, and then walked back to the stairs.
"You have to go," I heard his steps behind me, "I'll take you."
"No thanks," I kept walking.
"You're a crazy girl!" He said angry, when I heard him I turned around and laughed
"Well, this crazy girl won't go out without her car," I sat on the first step.
He laughed. "Do you really think so?" I was trying to figure out what he was planning. He walked fast towards me and before I realized, he was carrying me over his right shoulder.
"What's wrong with you!? Put me down!" I yelled and hit his back with my hands. I couldn't see his face, but I knew he was laughing.
"Stop hitting me, we're going to fall," he was trying to control his laughter.
"No! You're falling when you put me down!"
"Then I won't put you down," he said when we approached his car.
"I'm not repeating it, put me down!" Mad wasn't even close to how I was feeling.
"I said no," he stopped and laughed, again. "Like you would hurt me," he said pretending fear.
"Fine, you'll get tired anyway."I stopped moving and he walked again, I was trying to see what he was doing but I couldn't. I heard he opened the passenger's door and moved in his arms again.
"I told you I am not going anywhere with you!"
"And I told you you're going to school… without your car." I don't know how, but he placed me in the passenger's seat. He got in to put my seat belt on but, before he went far, I bit his arm.
He screamed while touched his arm. He looked at me angrily and before he closed the door, he locked so it would only open from the outside. I took my seat belt off while he walked to the driver's door and tried to get out from the driver's seat but he was in front of me before I could get out. I resigned and went back to my seat.




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