The Nanny

ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well...

Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it, it'll be hard to get back... But now I think i isn't completely a bad thing, I mean, call it fate or however you want, but it happened.

You never know wht can happen, and well maybe a trip changed everything. This is my story, this was my nanny.


I know it doesn't say much but I couldn't come up with a real prologue, anyway, I hope you cn get attached to it easily like I did.


9. I am the spoiled one...

"So, what are you going to do?" Asked Eleanor.
"Well, I don't know. " I said unsure.
"Come on! Just try to get to know him!" she said excitedly, " you would look adorable together." She raised her eyebrows quickly and we both laughed.
I spent the whole day thinking of what Eleanor said, and what happened with Liam.
Elea was right; running away had not been the smartest decision. For the first time ever Emily Smith would let her pride down for a while. This afternoon, after school I will talk to Liam. I don't think getting along would hurt any of us. I thought.

The bell rang and I was finally free from school. All the way to Eleanor's house we talked about school and random stuff, and in between laughter we arrived to her home.
"Good luck!" she said before closing the door. I laughed and started the car.

"Liam!" I called when I walked through the door, but no one answered. "Liam?"  I asked when I walked to the living room, but I found myself in the middle of a really awkward moment.
"Ugh, who's this?" A strange, blond girl said contemptuously, okay, strange to me 'cause Liam seemed to know her longer since they were making out minutes ago.
"This?" I laughed hypocritically, "no darling, I should be the one asking that." I changed my tone to a completely cold one just like the way I glared at them. "Who's that and what is she doing in my house?" I talked to Liam.
"She's my girlfriend," he was suddenly so serious, and something inside me removed awkwardly.
 I felt stupid, really  stupid. I was about to let my pride down for a jerk that kissed me having a girlfriend, AND he brings her to MY house. I held back the anger and disgust boiling inside of me.
"So, you're the kid Liam has to take care of," she hugged him trying to provoke me, but I only laughed.
"Liam, you have three minutes to get her out of my house," I glared at him.
"Do you think I'm afraid of you?" she asked defiantly but Liam grabbed her by the arm to stop her.
"I don't think that," I got close to her. "I know it. You have two minutes." I said glaring at her.
"Do you want me to take you home?" Liam whispered but she shook her head.
"Don't worry babe, it's fine." She hugged him and the kissed him; it seemed she wanted to devour him.
"One minute," I interrupted. They both stepped away and Liam walked her to the door. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed and bottled water, I was going to my bedroom like nothing happened but Liam stopped me.
"You didn't have to treat her like that," he said mad.
"And she didn't have to talk to me like that," I said, he had nothing to complain about since his girlfriend started.
"Em, why don't you just grow up?"  He looked at me contemptuously.
"Why don't you just go away?" I asked angrily.
"That's what you want, and that's exactly why I won't do it," he said coming closer.
"Ha! And I am the immature and spoiled one," I said going around him to climb the stairs.
"Come back here!" he yelled.
I, of course, ignored him and kept climbing the steps. I heard Liam coming too, but he was climbing two steps at a time so he reached me fast. He grabbed my arm and cornered me against the wall.

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