The Nanny

ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well...

Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it, it'll be hard to get back... But now I think i isn't completely a bad thing, I mean, call it fate or however you want, but it happened.

You never know wht can happen, and well maybe a trip changed everything. This is my story, this was my nanny.


I know it doesn't say much but I couldn't come up with a real prologue, anyway, I hope you cn get attached to it easily like I did.


7. Did I scare you?

"You know… I like you," he laughed while I tried to fathom what he said, "we should get along."
"Ha! I don't think so."
"Why not?"  he asked laughing, "You do what I tell you, and I won't say anything. " he waited for my response. "Here, you can even have your keys," he placed them on the table. "Just come home at three, do your homework and I won't bother you," he pushed the keys towards me.
"I still don't like you," I said an took the keys. He busted out laughing.
We got in the car, after eating because even though I said I wasn't hungry, he ordered for me.
I spent the afternoon working on things for school and finished around ten.

I woke up as usual, took a shower and got dressed []
"Be here at three!" he said before I got out of the house.
"I don't promise anything," I yelled and went out.
"Hey! We made a deal!" I heard him yell from inside, I laughed and got in my car.


"You have to accept it! You like him!" Said Eleanor laughing, after I told her what had happened.
"What? You're completely insane!"
"No! You're insane!" She said taking her books from her locker. "You have that guy in your house, he asks you what you think of him, and you say you hate him!" she took her in her hands as a sign of despair.
"Elea!" I said laughing, "I know guys like him," I said walking though the hall. "Just because he's attractive he thinks he's better than others, and that he can have any girl he wants."
"How do you know? He might be different… He looks at you different." She murmured the last part, smiling.
"Different?" I asked puzzled
"Yeah! When we were in the car, and he turned to look at you, it was… ugh! I can't even explain!" She said desperate.
"You're delusional Eleanor!" I said laughing.

Classes, as always, went fast… Except biology, I had to stand Becca and her glares; I didn't really care about her glaring at me, what bothered me is that I couldn't do anything about it so I had to hide the need of stand up and tell her what she deserves.
After leaving Eleanor at her house, I drove to mine. It was three and five minutes when I got home, and I announced it loud enough so Liam would hear, but he wasn't there.
After eating I went to my room. I had homework from all my classes so I started soon to finish early.
I spent all afternoon doing my homework or maybe less because I was distracted by the thoughts of the conversation with Eleanor. I changed my clothes for something comfortable and went to get something to eat. I was still all alone, and there were no signs of Liam.
I walked to the fridge and got some juice out, and placed it at the table to get a glass.
Why do they put them at the top shelf!? I muttered annoyed to myself, it seems they did that on purpose.
I stood on my toes and stretched my arms trying to reach a glass, I was about to reach it when a pair of hands on my waist scared me to death, and yes, I screamed.
"Did I scare you?" It was Liam
"No, I just like to scream terrified all the time," I said sarcastically without turning around.
"Do you need help?" He asked when I tried to reach the glass again.
"No," I replied cold.
"I'm still helping you," he placed a hand on my waist again, and I shivered not of fear but of the sensation. He came closer, and it was enough for him to lift his arm to take the glass.
"Here you go," he gave it to me.
"I didn't need your help," I said annoyed.
"What did we said about fights?" He murmured in my right ear, and all I did was try to control my breath and the beating of my heart. He stepped back for a moment to turn me around, but he was close to me again in seconds, so close I was sure no breeze could go between us.
I looked at his eyes, and regretted it right away. His eyes hypnotized me completely.
He started leaning closer and closer, I could feel out breaths coming together and I could smell the spearmint in his.
It took only second for me to feel his lips on mines. It was incredible what his lips made me feel, I couldn't pretend I was impervious to his kiss.

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