The Nanny

ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS! This story doesn't really has a prologue but well...

Having your parents' trust isn't hard to get, but once you loose it, it'll be hard to get back... But now I think i isn't completely a bad thing, I mean, call it fate or however you want, but it happened.

You never know wht can happen, and well maybe a trip changed everything. This is my story, this was my nanny.


I know it doesn't say much but I couldn't come up with a real prologue, anyway, I hope you cn get attached to it easily like I did.


11. Detention

Please know I am horribly sorry, I'll try to update sooner!


"But I haven't done anything!" I explained.
"I know…" he said "but Becca's mother wants me to talk to your parents, I know they're out so I called your tutor, that's why I called."
"What are you gonna tell him? I didn't do anything!"
"I'll just explain the situation, so he can talk to you and you won't cause more trouble," he said smiling.
The phone rang just then and the secretary walked in with Justin behind her, she glared at me and got out. I couldn't hold a giggle and the principal shook his head but I noticed he was trying not to laugh.
"Well, I'm leaving!" I said standing up without looking at Liam.
"Wait a minute!" said the principal.
"What now?" I said exasperated sitting back again.
"Running through the hallways," he said while taking out a detention card and filling it, "ignoring authorities…" I laughed when I heard that since I didn't know the secretary was such an authority, "and coming into the principal's office without authorization."
"Hey! And I thought we were getting along better!" I said laughing.
"You have detention, 9 am this Saturday," he said while he signed the note "here you go," and then gave it to me.
"But Saturday? At 9?" I said with my begging face on.
"You had three infractions. It's a shame you won't be able to stay up late," he laughed. "Now please go to your class."
"This isn't fair." I whispered between my teeth and walked out.

I stood behind the closed door, looked either side of me to confirm no one was looking and I held my head against the door trying to hear something. It didn't work, I could only hear some murmuring from both the principal and Liam but I couldn't fathom what they were saying. It didn’t matter what I did, it was just impossible.
I bent down trying to hear from the space between the door and the floor, the voices were more clear but it was hard. I was trying to concentrate when I saw a pair of black heels. I turned around and saw the secretary glaring at me with her hands on her hips. I smiled clumsily while I stood up.
"I was just, uhm…" caught, "I lost an earring!" I said pretending to be looking for it.
"Just one?" she asked obviously not believing me.
"Uhm…" I raised my hands up to my ears and realized I hadn't put any on, "No! I lost both!" I lied and stood again, "I think it'd be better if I go to class," I said but just then the door opened. Principal and Liam were staring at me confused while the secretary looked triumphal.
"I… uh was leaving," I said nervously taking my bag from the floor and practically ran out of the office. I walked uo to my locker to find the books I needed.

"You know, I think you need to assist to a class of anger issues." He scared the heck out of me, I was pretty sure the hallway was austere.
"Don't get in what you don't care about, Liam" I slammed the door.
"I'm getting in it because you're my responsibility, your therapy will be…" he grinned "I won't give you \back your car, you're not going out this weekend and give me your credit cards," he said staring at me seriously.
"Yeah right, I don't have credit cards," I lied, of course I had them but how does he know.
"Oh you sure do… Or did," he held his hand out.
"I'm not giving them to you," I said and walked to my class
"Give me the credit cards," he grabbed my arm.
"Why?! Plus you said you weren't taking my car," I reminded him of our deal.
"And you said you wouldn't fight me… I'm not sure I can have kids now."
"You're and ass*hole" I said pissed.
"This ass*hole is taking your car, money and going out," he said staring at me back with the same anger I was feeling.
I opened my purse and took out my credit cards and threw them at him; amazingly he took them all before they fell.
I turned around and went to my class. They went fast, I wanted to talk to Eleanor but I had t wait until lunch.

"So, what happened?" Eleanor asker when I sat down.
"That stupid Becca said I'm annoying her!"
"What? That girl wants to really be annoyed," I laughed. I knew I could count on her.
"I know! But then Liam took my car, credit cards and said I won't go out this weekend!" Eleanor bursted out laughing, I felt somewhat bothered since I didn't see anything to laugh about.
"So what? Are you really listening to him?"
"I've no choice! He left me carless and moneyless, what else can I do?" I said frustrated.
"Wow, I can't believe some guy is really stopping you," she laughed again.
"You know what? Take out your phone," I said taking mine out too.
"We have lots of text to send," I said grinning openly
"What do I type and to whom?" she asked not understanding.
"'Party tonight at Emily Smith's place.' And send it to everyone." 

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