My husband Niall

Hey my little fans! I wanted too write a story about me telling my adorable baby Allison about her dad!Her dad is a matter of fact Niall and it will probably make you cry though probably make you bored but either way I hope you will like it! Hope you will have as much fun reading it as I am writing it.


1. The crazy loud baby!

Emily P.O.V:

I was sleeping in my bed slightly uncomfortable because there was nobody there too snuggle with.I woke up by the crying of my little 3 year old baby! I walked in her room and grabbed Allison from her crib and started rocking her and giving her milk.None of it worked!

"I want a story.It has too be true"!She demanded as she nodded her head.

I rubbed my nose on hers and carried her above my head! She held out her arms and pretended she was a airplane.I crashed her on the bed and tickled her.I sat her down and I sat right in front of her.

"This story is about you're daddy",I said gently and softly as I saw her lighting up in joy."Better have your listening ears on"!

She opened her ears and pretended she had monkey ears!She was so silly just like her daddy!She looked so much like her daddy and acted like him too!No doubt.She ate a lot,she laughed loud and she was half Irish half American.(I am American).

I grinned as her dirty blond hair glistened through the sun and the little dimples that was beginning too get bigger.I got ready and told the true,heartbreaking but happy story.

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