My husband Niall

Hey my little fans! I wanted too write a story about me telling my adorable baby Allison about her dad!Her dad is a matter of fact Niall and it will probably make you cry though probably make you bored but either way I hope you will like it! Hope you will have as much fun reading it as I am writing it.


2. Horrible school day.

Emily P.O.V:

I snuggled and got ready.(You like the picture)!


Emily P.O.V:

I sat in my room upset as always.Just sitting on my bed either reading or writing.I was kinda a half random half geek but in a cute way with those cute big geek glasses.I was so upset of school!Not my grades but my bullies. Zayn,Harry, and Liam! I did not want too go too school on a Monday.It sucks!The school lunch that's turkey and cheese!YUCK!!!!!!But oh well I had too worry about it later because I was getting tired.

I woke up all happy but then felt sick too my stomach when I remembered about my bullies and lunch! I got up and took a shower,ate,brushed teeth and left walking too school.As I was walking I saw one of my best friends!Niall. He ran up too me in slow motion trying too be funny and it shore did work.I walked up too him and rubbed his blond hair.We weren't dating or anything,we were just good friends.We went walking in school and as we were walking too our lockers we saw Harry and the others!They slammed our lockers and we were lucky enough too get our hands out before they closed them.

"Hey lovebirds"!Harry said while the other ones were laughing.

He called us that and it kinda hurt! I didn't like Niall that way! We were just really good friends! I ignored them and walked down the hall with Niall. We went in social studies and learned about sobby's and stuff that people used too live in.Me and Niall were paying close focus on the teacher! We wanted a good grade on this!When the bell rang we went too lunch..My favorite time of the day! I remembered the nasty lunch but then my frown turned into a smile! Niall brought his lunch!I hugged him and we started sharing some food.

Niall P.O.V:

She was so funny and I allowed eat some of my food! When I looked at the corner of my eye I saw Liam and Harry walking up too me and Emily! I tapped her arm and pointed too the 2 mean boy's.She gasped and looked away.It was too late.They walked up too us and looked at us.Just staring at us awkwardly.

"So you two Lovebirds enjoying you'r food"?Liam asked as Harry started too chuckle.

I felt like I wanted too say something."Yes,you"I asked smiling and taking some meat.

They stared and just walked away! It actually worked!We hugged and cheered but not loud.I laughed and smiled as I revealed my teeth.I started laughing!.I calmed myself down and I stared at Emily.She stared back.I couldn't stop staring.Her gorgeous green eyes! I stared and then started too lean in!I kissed her.This was the best time of my life!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Allison stared and started too laugh!She knew what kissing meant.She hugged me and wanted too hear more!I went on with the story.


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