The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


2. Day Two My Crush

 Dear Cool


I don't know if you have a idea or what.  It seems like you should already know.  I have a crush on you.  From the first time I saw you.  It happened fast.  I looked into your eyes and saw a smile.  Your lips had a cute pout.  I so wanted to kiss. When you started talking, I just stared.  . Every word was like music to my ears.  I just wanted to grab your hand and hang on.


We talked for hours at a time.  About everything.  We never kept anything back.  There was no beginning and no end.  When something would happen to one of us.  We would go and find the other so we could talk and work it all out.


We would meet and talk over lunch.  It was so good just to have someone who would listen and understand.  We started as friends and we will end as friends.  I don't know if you will know I have a crush on you.  No it is not what you call puppy love.

It is the real thing.


I want so much for you to know but I am afraid you may not feel the same.  So I will wait and maybe tell you later. I think of you all the time and have dreams of us. Of how it would be if we were together forever.  How our lives would change.  But would you want it to?  I want to know yet I don't want to know.


It is killing me to not just tell you.  To think if you do not know.  You might just find someone else and never know how much I wanted to be with you.  What should I do?  Tell you or let it go. Either way I have a crush on you.  My sweet cool.



Love you




1-The list of letters


2-My crush



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