The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


26. Day Twenty Seven-Friendlist Person I knew For One Day

The person I met for one day that was so friendly.  Was Elvis Presley.   I had been a fan of his for a long time and had a fan club for him.   I had all his pictures and albums.  Went to all his moves.  Kept up with things about him.  Well I finally got to go to a concert for him.  It was a happy night for me.  I had the best time ever.  One I will never forget.  There was dancing and plenty of screaming.


The girls was going crazy.  They threw panties and things at him.  He just stood there and grinned.  Some fainted.  It was funny.

After the concert I was told we was going to a party at his house.  I was so excited.  It was the best party ever.  I had sp much fun. I got a picture of him and he signed it.  He had a picture of him and I together.  It was so great.



He was and still is the King.  He always will be.  He was the most loyal, fun loving person I ever met for one day.  He was gentle, kind, and loving. Always helping others.  I love hi to this day. My day with Elvis Presley.

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