The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


28. Day Twenty Nine- Afraid To Admit I Would Lov To Tell You EveryThing

If I could tell you everything I would.  But I am Afraid to tell you mom.  You would not believe most of it.  Sometimes I don't even believe everything.  I have had some things to happen that does not seem real.  I try to tell you everything.  Because you are so understanding and always try to help.  That means a lot to me.  You respect me as I do you.  But some things I can not tell you.  Some things I have never told to anyone.


But you would be the one I told them to.  Your my protector and shield.  You love me and trust me.  Want what is best for me. You never let me down.  Your the best.



Love you,




May 23, 2013

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