The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


3. Day Three My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,


I am so happy, I came into this world.  Dad I know I was not what you wanted.  You did not want me.  Not once did you make anything of me.  Not once did you say I love you.  But it is ok.  I got love from mom.  Even though she always went back to you.

No matter what you did.  It was always about you.  She would leave you and stay away for a while then back to you she went.

I was moved from school to school. Yet I still made good grades..


I never had friends because of you.  You was always drinking.  Mean to everyone.  Never wanted me to have anything.  I started baby sitting when I was old enough.  I made my own money and you took it from me.  Until the lady found out and started buying my clothes and shoes.  Anything to keep you from having my money.



I kept telling mom to leave and never take you back but she would not do it.  She kept saying how I needed a dad.  No child needs a father like you was.  Everyday you tried to kill me.  If she had not stopped you.  I would be dead right now.  Yet she still loved you and stayed with you.


I think more then anything she was scared to be alone.  Her father was a drunk just like you.  Trying to kill her everyday the same as you did to me.  Her mother died when she was born.  So she was alone in some ways.


I don't blame you but I did for a long time. But I forgave you.  I only wish I could have heard you tell me just once that you loved me.  But I had to forget it.  No hugs and kisses for me.


But I grew up and turned out fine.  So there is no blame.  Mom loved me the best she knew how. Maybe a little to much. I loved her to.  She was a good mom.  No drinking or running around with men.  No leaving me alone or beating me.  So I guess I had a good enough life.  I am proud of the way I have got to do what I wanted the most.  To be a writer and a good one.


You both are in Heaven now and I know you are looking down on me.  So I will see you someday and share love with you.

Until then keep watching over me.



Your Angel


April 24, 2013 -Tuesday

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