The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


6. Day Six A Stranger

To Pastor Reggie Edlow:


I was standing waiting for a bus.  When I met you.  It was cold and raining hard.  I was working as a guard with the Police Department.  You stopped and asked me if I would like a ride.  I remember saying to you.  I don't ride with strangers.  You looked at me and said.  I am a preacher.  So I said to you so what.  Then you asked me if I had a home church.  I said no I was looking for one.  Well I finally gave up and took the ride home.


From that day on.  I started every Sunday going to your church.  He asked me while we was riding if I minded going to a all black church.  I said no I did not mind.  He said I would be the only white person there.  I said so what.  The people all were so good to me.  I really enjoyed it.  Then with a lot of crying and praying.  I got just about all my family in church.  We all liked it.  You was my stranger that really made a difference in my life.


Your church is where I had words coming to me one Sunday.  I did not know what they meant or what I was supposed to do with them.. But it hit me to put them together and see what would happen.  I did and wrote my first poem.  It got selected for a winner in a contest.  I won.  I have been writing ever since and enjoy it so much.  I can show my feelings and make people happy. I can express myself.  I am proud of the way things have turned out.


Your whole church has been a big part of my family for a long time now.  I am so glad I met you and your family and all the members of your church.  It has really made me a better person.


I thank each and everyone of you for making me part of your family.  I will never forget how lucky I am to be a part of your church.





A Stranger


Saturday April 27, 2013



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