The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


7. Day Seven My Ex Boyfriend

Dear Smile4love1,


I remember the day we met.  We talked for hours at a time.  It seemed like we never wanted to stop.  We found everything to talk about.  I had a dream the night before we met.  I saw your face and was told that you was the one for me. That when I went on line again.  That you would be the first person I would talk to and you was.  I was so shocked.  I had been praying to find someone who would really love me and stand by me.  Not knowing it was really going to happen.  When it did I was so happy because you had been praying for the same thing.


The more we talked the more we fell in love.   Everyday we would get on line to see if the other was there.  You stayed with me through my sickness and everything I went through.  We was together for five years.  I was sick and had to go to hospital and did not have enough time to let you know where I was.  I was there for a month.  I had no way to call you or write.  No computer.


When I got out I was so happy knowing I could see you soon and explain.  While I was gone you was so worried that you talked to some people about it and asked them to pray for me.  All of you did.  The day I got home.  I got to talk to you.  I explained it all to you. I was so excited to get to talk to you.


But then something happened that caused me so much pain.  You told me to listen you had to tell me something.  You said angel I love you and I always will but I can no longer be with you.  I made myself sick when you was gone.  I thought you had died.  I could not take that.  I have to let you go no matter how hard it is on the two of us.  Please remember that I will always love you that won't go away and I will be with you everyday.  I may not be there with you but I will always be thinking of you. Remember what I told you the first day we talked.  Smile and keep on smiling.  I will never let you go from my heart.  I will come to Heaven to meet you.  As soon I can.


I cried so hard and could not eat or sleep.  Well I got sick again.  Every time I went on line I looked for you and then I would cry more.  I hurt so much I feel as if I can not go on.  I have never loved anyone the way I do you.  I will wait for you in Heaven.


No matter where you are I will always be here for you if you need me.  I will never let you go.  Your my only love. My sweet ex

boyfriend. No one else will do. I can not forget you.


I have to go now.  But I still love you and always will.  Your in my heart,  body,  and soul. Love you.



Your angel,


Sunday April 28,2013



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