The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


15. Day Fifteen The Person You Miss Most

To the person I miss most is my baby from Brazil.  It has been so long since we talked.  We both got busy and lost track of time. From your heart to mine.  I really do miss you and want to talk.  We had so many good times. You was and still are the best friend.  I will always remember you and the times we had together.


So much fun. So much love. So much passion. So much desire.  Long walks and longer talks.  Dinner for two.  Cheese and wine.  Watching the sunsets and feeding the ducks.  We always surprised the other.  We never had a dull moment.  The rides in the country and bike riding.  Walks on the beach and the sun on our bodies.  The way you rubbed oil on me and I did the same to you.  The books we read.  Pictures we shared.  Going to movies and you singing to me.


All wrapped up in each other.  The looks we gave. The showers together.  Life went on as bright as day.  So much fun all in a days time.  The mountain climbs.  The trails we left.  Our foot prints in the snow.



I could not think of life without you in it.  We fit together like two gloves.  I want all of it again.  The fire burning as we are alone.  The blood running hot through our bodies.  The thoughts of you and I.  The whispers in the dark.  You running after me.  Then catching me.  Holding me close.


Laughter and smiles.  Tears being wiped.  Us crying if we had to leave for a while.  The day is just not right without you in it.

The trips for two. Walking down memory lane.  Stop and catch a star. Eyes with sparks.  We had it all.


I am waiting for the day.  We can get it all back. What pleasure that will be.  Take care of yourself.  I will be thinking of you.  I will be calling tonight.  I will be so happy to hear your voice.  It feels like I have not heard from you forever.  Bye for now.



Your loving angel,



Tuesday May 7,2013


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