The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


11. Day Eleven Deceased person I wish I Could Talk To

Hi Megan,


My sweet baby girl.  You meant the world to us.  Your whole family went through so much pain.  When you died.  They cried for so long and they all got sick.  You was everything to them.  The way you died was what hit them so hard.  You would not believe what they went through.


You was sick from the beginning.  But no one would listen to your mother.  They kept saying she did not know what she was talking about.  She would take you to your doctor's appointment and if she was even a few minutes late they would not see you. The doctor knew she had no car but she would walk you there.  They kept putting her down.  Said she did not know how to take care of you.  Which was not true.


Your brothers and sisters missed you so much they would cry and cry.  You was so loved.  You do not know how much you was missed.  The day you died until now.  Everyone thinks of you everyday.


You was so cute and very sweet.  But anyone that had any sense could tell there was something wrong.  You could not even hold your head up.  Could not walk or say anything.  You hurt when someone picked you up.  Your mom would cry and ask why? She could not understand why no one would help you.  Just kept saying there was nothing wrong with you.


Your mother would play with you for hours on end and rub your little legs.  Your brothers and sisters would play with you.

Everyone thought they would never get pass losing you.  All the pain and worry. It was the worst time they have ever known.


I only wish you was still here so we could talk.  So you could see just how loved you are. We all still miss you so much.


You would wake up every morning with a smile on your face.  Trying to talk.  It hurt to see you like that.  But I am glad you no longer have to suffer and have pain.


My darling sleep with the angels.  We will all see you soon.  So we can love you again the same as we did when you was on earth.


I will go now.  Miss you so much.  Take care.  I love you.


Love you forever,




May 2, 2013 Thursday


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