The List Of letters

This Is a list of letter's to write. Each day for a whole month. To different people. That you know. Every day a new letter will be wrote.


19. Day 20- The One That Broke My Heart The Hardest

Hi baby, I thought I would just let you know. How much pain and sorrow I have known since you walked away from me. Not a word to let me know why. What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong? Why couldn't you talk to me? We could have worked it out. Why did you stay with me for so long. Only to walk away after loving me so much. I had no idea we would be apart. We were so happy and made so many plans. Never once did it enter my mind. That you would leave. Your my everything. I still love you and always will. There is not a minute in a day that I do not miss you and want you back. How can you be happy without me. We did everything together. Had so much fun. Playing and enjoying each other. We talked about everyday. We had the same goals. It was amazing. You would stand by me no matter what happened. How could you just throw it all away and not work to save us? I would like to know. I wish I could just hold you one more time. See your smile so sweet. Feel your heartbeat next to mine. That is what I pray for everyday and night. For us to be together again and never part. I have to go now. So goodbye darling. Your angel will watch over you until you join me again. Love you. Forever your angel Sunday-May 12, 2013
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