related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


10. Why did this happen!?

"Liam tell me why were here"I asked "Ok so Louis got someone to kill u but im not gonna let him"Liam said as he walked out of the car and went inside i got out my phone and called Perrie "Hello this is Perrie"Perrie said as Zayn was laughing "Hi Perrie its me Hope go to Louis house now with all the boys"I told Perrie then Zayn stopped laughing "Ok were on r way"Perrie said and hung up I was so worried then i heard a gunshot I started crying untell i felt a hand grab mine then I look then saw Harry "Its ok love"Harry said "Harry i heard a gunshot right before u got here"I told Harry "Ive gotta take care of this"Harry said and got out of the car and so did i "Hope what happend"Perrie said "Noooooooo!"Harry yelled then we all ran towards in the house and all I saw was Liam lieing there with blood over his plaid tee-shirt "No"I said and fell on my knees crying "Im staying here"I said as i was still crying "I am too"Perrie said "But i thought u hated Liam"Niall said "Niall I did"Perrie said as I lied down right next to Liam crying "Get in the car were driving him somewhere"Zayn said as I got up and tried getting Liam up but Perrie help me "Its gonna be alright Hope"Perrie told me we got in the car and i turned on the radio the song was Best song ever and i started crying "Babe its alright"someone said and i was worried then I looked at Liam he was moving "Liam your ok!"I said and everyone was so happy "Im fine when that happend I told myself Liam your doing this to protect someone u love then I came right at me"Liam told me and I was so happy he did that to protect me "Liam u did that all for me?"I asked about to cry "Yes I had to it was me or u"Liam said then I kissed him "Liam your perfect to me"I whispered in his ear and he smiled "No your perfect"He whispered in my ear "What r u to whispering about?"Perrie asked "Nothing"Liam said I just giggled then I want crazy but Hunter Hayes me and Liam started singing

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