related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


6. tour?!

hope's P.O.V

I had to break up with Louis tour was coming up for them but Zayn come in my room "Hey Hope"Zayn said "Hey Zayn we need to talk"I said i need to tell him "Ok about what"Zayn said "How well i break up with Louis"I said "Why break up"Zayn asked "Cause of the TMH tour&vi-q. quot;I said "Oh that's why i came up here to ask you if you like to come on tour with us"Zayn asked "Yes i well come"I said and all most started freaking out "Well were going to Nando's wanna come?"Zayn asked "Yea let me get in a differnt outfit"i said "ok"zayn said walking out of my room i went to my dresser and found a spriped tee shirt and red jeans I put them on and ran downstairs the boys were sitting there "let's go"Zayn said while grabbing his keys we got in the car one thing started playing

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