related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


3. The Kiss

I froze as his soft lips moved against mine. Eventually I snap out of it and wrap my arms his neck. He dips his head lower to deepens the kiss and I go light-headed for a second. Then the door of my room flies open and Zayn comes in, looking furious."Really Hope?", he asks, walking up to us."Yes, really.", i say defiantly, pulling away from Louis somewhat reluctantly."I like Louis, Louis likes me, and there is nothing you can do about it.", i say, getting nose to nose with Zayn. he glares at me."Oh yes there is.", he says he ran downstairs to my mom "MOM HOPE KISSED LOUIS"zayn yelled and my mom ran upstairs "hope Malik how dare you!" But when my mom came in my room Louis kissed me and put his hand In my shirt "hope your grounded"my mom yelled and saw Louis hand and Liam walked in "woah someone call the police"Liam said laughing but then I felt my body pushed on the bed "OMG"I sad to myself and zayn walked in "LOUIS LET GO OF HER"zayn yelled but louis just carried me and shut the door and he took off my shirt and spenders i took of his shirt then jeans  and he took of my jeans then he took of my underwear then his boxers he started kissing my neck and i was moaning in joy 

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