related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


9. regret

I didn't love Louis anymore but i didnt know how to say it to him so I called up Zayn and Perrie "Ok whats the big deal"Zayn asked "Ok so i dont love Louis anymore i like Liam now i just dont know how to tell him"I said "Ive got this LOUIS GET IN HERE!'zayn said and Perrie laughed "Ya im here"Louis said "Ok im sorry but Hope doesnt love u anymore"Perrie said and tears started running down his face "Really"Louis said in a shaky voice then he ran downstairs "Now u gotta talk to Liam"Perrie said "Ok"I said "LIAM GET UP HERE"Zayn yelled "Whats up Zayn"Liam asked "Hope needs to say something"Perrie said "I really like u"I said really fast cause i was really shy "Really?"Liam said "Yep"I said Liam walked closer to me and I got up out of my chair "You are the most beautiful girl ever"Liam said and r lips meet then Louis ran in "Hope"Louis said "What?"I said "We need to talk now"Louis said and walked towards Louis "Fine lets talk in your room"I said and walked towards Louis' room "Hope please dont let r love go away please stay with me"Louis said then he leaned in and kissed me "Louis i love Liam"I said and ran towards my room were perrie,zayn and liam are "He tried kissing me"I said and Liam looked mad "Liam calm down"Zayn said and Liam ran towards the door and I ran after "Liam what r u doing"I asked "Stay here Love"Liam said in a calm voice "Ok I well"I said and Liam walked out the door and walked towards the car i couldnt help but run towards him "Liam what r u doing?"I asked "Babe i knew what Louis is going to do to u"Liam said "Ok if your going to try to stop him im coming with"I told him and he looked shocked "You cant i dont want u hurt"Liam told me "No Liam im coming"I said and got in the car "Ok fine"Liam said and started driveing "Liam i love u"I told him "I love u too i just dont want u gone"Liam told me "Liam whats going on?"I said as we pulled into Louis driveway........

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