related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


7. on tour

Zayn made me pack a minute before we're on the tour bus now but I've got something for lou so I grab my guitair and start playing crazier by taylor swift I'm not a fan but that songs ok then a girl with bloude hair came. "Umm hi"I said "hey I'm taylor swift why are u here"Taylor asked "Oh I'm Zayn's sister and louis' bird"I replyed and she looked at me funny "Oh Zayn's been talking about u"Taylor told me "That's just great"I said really Zayn u tell Taylor about me "Cool"I said but wished I didn't "Girls come here"Paul yelled "Comeing"me and taylor said at the sametime "Girls we are letting u meet little mix by the way it was Zayn,Louis and Perrie's idea"Paul told us "I've always wanted to meet them"I told Paul "Were are we going though"Taylor asked "Your going shopping and u girls well be at interviews with the boys"Paul told us then we hear a honk "That's them Taylor"I told Taylor then we walked out to little mixs car "Hello nice to meet u I'm jade"Jade said shaking hands "Hi jade"I said and taylor just walked inside "Hop in"Perrie told me "Ok but Perrie turn on the radio please"I asked as I got in their car "Sure"Perrie turns on the radio and starts driving then One directions song that louis wrote his solo for me came on truly,madly'deeply Perrie started crying and I know why but I just sang along Jade,Jesy and leigh-anne just gave me the wow face then the song was over "Omg your singing is awesome"Jesy told me "Thanks Jesy"I told her then we got there the mall was huge
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