related to zayn?!

hope malik was a regular girl untell she found out her brother is zayn she didn't know and her best friend was Bianca payne but what happends when 1D comes to her house


5. Hospital

**Zayn's P.O.V.**

 Hope pushed Harry down, and I think he broke it, but I ran up stairs and pulled Hope down stairs, and Louis followed. We took Harry to the hospital and we got him a x-ray. I yelled at Hope after we found out Harry broke leg. "WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!"i yelled so loud "CAUSE ZAYN I LOVE LOUIS AND DON'T WANT TO BE WITH HARRY"hope yelled louder then me and Louis heard her yell he almost cried i never seen him like that "I DON'T CA-"i yelled and Louis slapped me "STOP ZAYN" Louis yelled "NO I WON'T"i said and punched Louis "HOW DARE YOU"my sister yelled and kicked me in the spot a boy never wants to be hit and i fell to the ground "what was that"harry walked out with a cast and they turned on little things by 1D in the hospital "may i take this dance"louis says and bends and pulls out his hand "you may"i said then grabbed his hand but  of course liam posts on twitter were we are fans were watching outside and saw us "Wow your a good dancer"Louis said to my sister

Hope's P.O.V.

"Why thank you"i said and smiled but then a fan came rushing in "i don't think that's a fan"Louis said worried "i thought i got rid of you"Eleanor said "So you made hope get hurt"Zayn said standing up again "Yes i did"Eleanor smiled and Liam walked away and grabbed his phone this is not good

Liam's P.O.V

i grabbed my phone and ran i wanted to call 911 i had to i wasn't gonna let my bandmates and there family hurt anymore i dialed 911 "hello this is 911"someone on the line said "i know who did the crash a month ago"i said "were are you sir"someone said "im at the hospital"i said "were on are way"she said and hung up "thank god"i said to myself i ran to them "ok what is going on"hope asked "the boys knew that your're zayn's sister"Niall said walking in "but sass master always had a crush on you and Eleanor knew"Zayn added in "oh so Zayn knew Louis liked me"hope asked "yep"Zayn said "let's get back home"Louis said then putting his arm around hope then ran out to the car well harry didn't run

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