the friendly fairy

The fairy village has been attacked leaving shadow all alone until she meets a boy who could help her save everyone. shadow is an outsider in the village and isn't so sure if she should save them. the boy Neptune and Shadow go on a various adventures while trying to save everyone.


1. Raid

My name is Shadow Nightwing. I live in a magic forest hidden from the eyes of mortals. There's a small village deep inside the forest that us fairies live in. You may think because we're fairies that we're all nice and kind and that everyone is nice but that's not true. Other fairies are either mean or scared of me.

The other fairies are scared of me because of how i look and my powers. My powers are very dark and most think that since they are dark I am evil. Fairies fear the night or the dark. My powers are to make it dark, take care of baby monsters; I can make purple flames out of nothing.

 I have purple and black wings unlike sister and mothers whose are a hot pink.

My eyes are a glowing purple and my hair is as black as a raven. When I get mad my hair burst into purple flames that won’t die unless I’m no longer mad. All fairies glow a certain color and I glow a very bright dark purple. I wear a black corset type of shirt and a black and purple skirt. Fairies don’t wear shoes since we don’t walk much.

The other fairies even my sister won’t let me hang out or even pick flowers with them. No one invites me to anything really not parties or carnivals, nothing.

Right now I’m picking flowers for my grandpa who’s the only person like me has dark powers. I can hear some kind of noise in the distance but I can’t 

make out what it is. I turn to look and I see goblins from the goblin kingdom attacking the village. Goblins were burning down houses and destroying everything. The goblins started to take fairies prisoner.

I could see my big sister Venus vanity being taken. All the fairies from the village including those who feared me we being taken too. I could see everything but no one seemed to see me. The goblins were throwing everyone into cages. I decided to hide in this big Oak tree. I hide inside a whole in the tree and try to keep out of sight.


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