Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


5. Surprises...

Chapter 5 
I arrived at the airport and got my ticket and sat in my seat. I put my carry on bag in the compartment above me then sat down with my headphones on listening to one directions new single "live while we're young". I was sitting by myself until  the one an only Harry styles came and sat by me. It was his seat for the whole ride to ireland. I asked him where the other boys were and why he was the only one in America. He said he was looking for a house in california  because he loved it there. We talked the whole way there. He said Niall was meeting his little sister and he wanted Him to be there.  
When we arrived I said goodbye to Harry and went to get the rest of my things.  My real mother said she would be looking for me and she would be standing by the front gate. 
As soon as she saw me she ran up to me and hugged me and started crying. "MY BABY IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! I CAN'T WAIT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!" she cried out. "ME TOO! I am so glad I finally got to meet you!" I said back to her. 
We went to her car and went to her, or I mean our, house. It was huge! As soon as I walked inside I was greeted by a BIG suprise... 


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