Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


4. Searching and Packing

Chapter 4. 
When I looked at my mentions I had a mention from the one and only Niall Horan! I was so happy! And what was this? HE STARTED FOLLOWING ME! I was so happy. 
 I also had a dm from Niall. Wait, what?? I had a DM from Niall?? This was the best day of my life. 
Here's what it said 
"@Niallofficial:  I know how you feel about being told you were adopted. I just found out that I had a sibling that was put up for adoption after my parents devorced. If you ever need to talk just call me. *-***-***_****" 
I immediately shot back. 
"thank you so much! :) you are so sweet. Do you mind if I call you tomorrow  at around noon? 5pm your time" 
He answered "sure love! :) talk to you then:)xx" 
I am so happy right now!!! 
I called him when I said I would. We talked for hours! But he had to leave because he had to get up early. So we said goodbye and he said he would call me back tomorrow. 

About 2 days later I had finally convinced my adoptive parents to let me go to Ireland to meet my real parents. I had tracked down my real mother and had her phone number and she knows I am coming down. 
I sent a picture of myself to her so she knows what I look like. But I still have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what she looks like. She told me I looked a little like her. 
I fly out tomorrow. So I spent all night packing and getting ready. 

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