Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


21. Partying!

Chapter 21
We had decided I was going to get Harry's. 
we went and payed for it. 
"Thank you guys! I can't explain how happy I am! " I said walking out of the store. 
<later that night> 
I was in my room un packing more. When someone knocked on my door. 
I walked over and opened my white door. 
It was the boys. I kinda figured. 
"Hey Maria. Since it is a Friday night. We wanted to take you out in that new dress we got you today." Harry said 
"Yeah so get dressed " Niall said 
"And look pretty. Like as if you were going to a prom"Liam said. 
Louis punched him in the stomach. 
"Ok then. I'll be ready in 20 minutes." 
"Great! Plenty of time. We will still have time to make it!" Zayn said. 
Harry looked at him and just glared at him. 
"Ok. Well you kinda have to leave. So I can get ready." I said closing the door on them. 
Ok then. I guess my suspicions were right. 
It all adds up. 
'Time to make it', 'as if we were going to a prom', it all makes sense now and tomorrow is Josh's birthday. 
I put the dress on that Harry picked out and curled my hair. I put on some pink heels. And I was ready. 
It only took me 10 minutes. Considering I took a shower when I got home saved me some time. 
I walked down stairs and the boys shot straight up. 
"Wow. You look absolutely stunning!" Liam said 
"I think she looks sexy!" Harry said. Making me blush. 
"She's pretty. Now lets go. We are going to meet up with dani, el, and Perrie."Liam said. 
<after we got there> 
"Ok here we are." Louis said pulling into a club. 
"Are you sure we should be here. With a little girl." Niall said. Teasing me. 
"I am not little." I said punching him. 
We walked inside and just stood in the corner for about 5 minutes. I didn't question it. 
Then this person comes in with a HUGE cake!  
It says 'happy birthday Josh and Maria!'
I pretend I don't see it. The boys are trying to distract  me. They bring me outside. And we wait for josh. When josh gets there. The boys go inside and make josh and I stay outside. 
" I wonder why we are stayin out here" he said 
"I have no idea." I said. 
We just talk for about 10 minutes until Niall calls me and tells me to come inside with josh. 
We walk inside and it's dark. There are no lights on. I have no idea what they are doing. "Hey it's dark!" I said  
"Yeah. Turn on the lights guys" I hear a British accent say. I can't tell who it is. But I know it's not josh. It sounded like it was far away. 
The lights turned on and it was so cool! There were pink an blue balloons everywhere that said josh an Maria. 
The pink ones said Maria and the blue ones said josh. 
There was a huge cake. The one that I saw earlier. 
"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH AND MARIA!" Everyone yelled when we walked in. 
"Wow I had no idea! You guys shouldn't have!" I said. 
"I think they should have! It the least they could so for the 2 most awesomest people ever!" Josh said. Running to the buffet of assorted candy and chocolate. 
Niall and the boys walked up to me. 
Greg went over with josh. 
"Happy birthday Maria! " hope you like it." Niall said. 
"I don't like it." I paused for dramatic effect." I LOVE IT!" 
"I'm glad! " Harry said giving me an unexpected kiss on the cheek. 
I looked at him. 
"Oh. Sorry I forgot" Harry said. I don't think he was sorry. 
"Ok. Whatever" I said 
The boys went over to josh and the party continued. It was like a normal party. But they played music and we danced. There were no slow songs. I'm glad cause I hate slow songs. 
There was a slide show of josh. From birth till now. 
And then Niall came up to me. 
" I'm sorry yours won't be like his. But we tried" Niall said. 
I didn't say anything I was glued to the screen. 
I watched as different pictures of me through out the day flashed up. And a few baby pictures. 
"I love it! But how did you get baby pics?" I asked. 
"I had your adoptive parents send some. With out them inthem." Niall said. 
"Aww thanks so much" I said giving him a hug. 
<after the party.> 
After the party was over we all headed back to our house. 
Since the boys were off your for a year. They are staying at nialls house in Ireland. Well, should I say my house. 
I was tired. I said goodnight and went to bed. I think they did the same. I might have beat jet lag. 
I went straight to sleep. 

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