Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


16. Not trying on clothes?!?

Chapter 16. 
<later that day> 
We had went to the mall and the boys had taken me to a store called 'Cinderella'. They had the most beautiful dresses there! 
"Ok. Pick out one that you like. Because we are going to a special place tomorrow night!" Niall said. 
"Ok! But where are we going?" I asked. 
I have to admit, it was pretty fun having Niall as a brother. Especially since he buys me whatever I want! 
"I can't tell you. But what I can tell you Is that we will be meeting some friends. And that you will have to have a nice dress. And the boys ,one direction, and I will have to wear tuxedos." Greg said. 
"I'm going to tell her!" Liam said
"No! You can't. It's a surprise!" Louis said. 
"Yeah. You have to wait!" Harry said agreeing with Louis. (When doesn't he) 
"We'll. I just feel bad not telling her!" Liam said. 
"You can't. Not even the Bradford bad boi is gonna tell her" Zayn said. 
I couldn't help but giggle. 
"You guys are crazy! I mean I knew you were crazy. But not this crazy!" I said. 
"Well, I guess that's just how we roll!" Niall said. 
"Yeah. Lets just get you a dress and get out of here. This store makes me feel gay. " Louis said. 
Harry was looking at them and picked one up and started twirling around and said "try this one on! I like it!" 
"Well how am I going to decide with all these dresses?" I said. 
"We each can pick out a dress for you to try on. And which ever looks best on you, We will get! So, lets get to work boys! " Niall shouted as they all looked for a dress for me to try on. 
This was going to be an exhausting day considering I hate trying on clothes! 


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