Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


11. He got lost

Chapter 11. 
Now that I am with my real family I try not to think about that to much. 
I want to just get past it. I have been given a second chance at "my life" (so to speak). I now have a new family, a new house, a new mom, 2 brothers that love me, and a whole bunch of best friends. To make things better its in Ireland! Some place I have always wanted to go. 

*the next morning* 
I woke up to the smell of pancakes an bacon at about 8 o'clock. I don't really like getting up before 9:30 but, they had made pancakes and bacon, MY FAVORITE, so I'm not going to complain. 
I quickly got up and put on a blue and pink strapless dress, put my hair in a katniss braid, and put on my favorite music note necklace, and wore my gold  glittery flats. After I got dressed I  rushed down stairs to greet my new family. 
"good morning beautiful!" my mom said.  I don't know why she called me that cause I am anything but beautiful, I guess that's just her way of welcoming me into the family. I don't mind haha. 
"good morning. I smell pancakes and bacon." I said. 
"that's good cause thats what I have fixed for breakfast. It's Nialls favorite. I don't know what you like so I just fixed Nialls favorite because I couldn't decide what to fix I hope you like it " my mom said. 
"it's perfect! It's my favorite to! I guess I fit in the family perfectly." I laughed "because niall and I Both like the same things for breakfast, I look like you, I like to sing like Niall" 
"and you have the personality of Niall, Greg, and I!" she finished my statement. 
Just then 4 boys ran down the stairs very loudly. 
"hey maria!" they all said giving me a kiss on the cheek. 
I didn't like that at all. 
I have never liked to be touched, as long as you don't touch me you are fine. 
I wiped off my cheek. 
"ugh! What was that for?!? I don't like to be touched. So please don't touch me." I said sweetly but stern. 
They just starred at me. 
"well sorry love we had no idea. Next time we will just give you a warning" Harry said. 
"ok. Whatever. But why did you do that?" I asked again. 
"well love we are just welcoming you to the family!" Louis said. 
" ok. But where is Niall?" I asked 
"aww how sweet she missed her big brother already!" Zayn said 
"SHUT UP! No I don't! I was just wondering." I said playfully punching his arm. He played along and pretended that it hurt. 
"well.. Is anyone gonna answer me??" I said
"he was going to wake you up. I think he got lost" Liam said looking up the steps for Niall. 




A/N: see!! I told you the chapters would start getting longer haha you didn't believe me. Anyway. Please read and favorite and like :) please leave feedback and ideas for future chapters. ~Bailee xx 

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