Change of Plans

Summary: When a girl named maria finds out that she is adopted she must adjust to life living with a new family. what will happen when she makes a new friend? what will happen when her friend falls in love with her brother? will maria find love along the way? will she find fame? you'll have to find out.


20. Done with dresses. Finally

Chapter 20
Next was mine.
Mine was a short baby blue dress with a big black belt-like thing in the middle. It was strapless. It was not poofy. Because it was short. 
I walked out and showed them it. 
"Ok. This one is the one I picked out. What do you think?" I asked twirling 
"I really like it. But it's not my favorite." Harry said. 
"Yeah. I hate it" Louis said. 
"Wow Louis. Tell us how you really feel." I said. 
"I was kidding. I love it!"Louis said 
"That's better. You better be nice to me. Or I'll have Niall beat you up!" I said looking at Niall who was totally oblivious as to what was going on. 
The others just looked at Niall to see what he was going to say.
"Right Niall?" I asked. Trying to snap him into reality. 
"Yeah. Sure." He said not sure what's going on still. 
"You have no idea what she just said. Do you?" Zayn said. 
" nope. Not a clue." Niall said. 
"Ugh. Never mind." I said as I went to try on the next one. 
"Is that it?" Harry asked with kindof a sad tune to his voice. 
"No. I have 1 left." I said. 

Lastly was Greg's. 
his was a strapless purple dress with the heart shaped neckline. It had a silver wide belt that wrapped around my torso. Just under my chest. It flowed out from under it. It was a little less poofy than Nialls. 
Whats with all the strapless? Haha. 
I walked out and showed them. I'm glad this is the last one. 
"Ok. Here is Greg's. what do you think." I said. 
"I think." Greg paused. "I think it looked better on the hanger." 
"I kinda think so too." I said. 
"I guess nobody likes this one?" Louis asked. 
"No" Zayn said. 
Liam is being very quiet. He has been texting the whole time. I wonder who he is texting. 
"I don't like it either" Harry said. 
"You are beautiful. But the dress isn't." Niall said. 
He is so nice to me. It seems he is adjusting fine with me being here better than I am. 
"Ok. Go get changed back into your clothes. And then we will figure out which one to get" Niall said. 
"Ok." I said. 
I'm glad to be done with trying on clothes. 
I got dressed then I came out with the dresses in my arms. 
"Ok. Now the hard part. Which one to pick?" Harry said. 
"I don't know. But don't you all tell me which one to pick because its yours. Which one looks best on me? " 
"I honestly think it should be either Zayn's  or Harry's." Niall said. 
"Yeah ." The others agreed in unison. 
"Ok. Which one between the two are best?" I asked 
"I have no idea! They both are good!" Harry said 
This is going to be a hard decision. 
After about 20 minutes of us all deliberating. We decided I was going to get..... 

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