You Held Me

Jay had a good life till something happened that changed it. What will happen when her past starts to become her present again. Can she handle it? What will happen at the end that will make all of you hate me? Who knows oh yeah me hahaha


2. The Unexpected Meet

Niall’s P.O.V
I can’t believe we are going on another tour in America. We have come so far since the X Factor. “Hey, what are we going to do on our free day when we finally get to California?” I asked the guys. “I don’t know. Go to the beach, shopping, it doesn’t really matter.” Harry said. “TRUTH OR DARE and sneaking out.” Said Louis really excited. “Okay, okay lets just get there first, I guess.” Said Liam. After that I got something to eat and waited for us to land. It was quite boring since it was early in the morning and we were quite tired. I fell asleep till a flight attendant came over the intercom tell us that we were landing. I sat back in the seat till we were completely stopped and we walked off. We got mobbed by paparazzi and fans so we quickly got body guards around us as they pushed our way through till we got to the limo that was waiting. “We have to go to an interview then you can have your free day.” Said Paul when we got situated in the limo. He pulled away from the sidewalk and drove to the radio station that was going to interview us. We got there and sat down where they told us to. We met a blonde haired girl with brown eyes and a black haired man with green eyes. They asked us questions that involved the tour, our songs, and some other personal questions that weren’t bad. After they finished they let us leave so we went back to the pent house. When we got there we all went to our rooms for a while.  Harry and Louis walked into my room being really quiet. “Hey, Niall we are going to go shopping want to come?” asked Harry. “Yeah sure seems like fun.” I said getting off my bed to go get my shoes. “Where to first?” I asked putting on my shoes. “Aeropostle.” Said Louis. “Okay.” I said as we walked out of the pent house.
Jay’s P.O.V
“Marissa, come on we have to go to college.” Shouted Joy. “Imma comin chill out.” I said running down the stairs. We grabbed our stuff and walked out the door to Joy’s car. We hopped in and drove to the college having small talk on the way. “Marissa did you know that One Direction is here in California and they have a concert here tomorrow so from everything I have studied about it they should be here today for a sound check and anything today.” Joy said sounding really excited. “Okay and your point is?” I asked her. “We have front row tickets to the concert.” She almost shouted. “That’s great, but I don’t think I want to go.” I said lowering my voice. “WHAT?!?!?! No you are going no questions about it.” Joy said ready for an argument. “Whatever.” I said getting annoyed. We got to the college and went to our classes. We had different classes since I was into art and music technology like sound boards and stuff, but Joy was getting a degree in teaching. See way different. After classes were over I had to go straight to work, so Joy drove and dropped me off at Abercrombie and Fitch. I looked at the new stuff they had put out while I was gone. Then I clocked in and started to work by restocking stuff and helping customers. The bell went off signaling there was a customer that just came in. when I turned to see who it was I froze. I ducked behind the counter and just watched. My best friend was here. He thinks I’m dead. What do I do? “Marissa, what are you doing? Go out there and help them.” My boss said looking mad. “Yes ma’am.” I said simply and got up. I walked over to them really cautious. “Do you need any help?” I asked them. They turned around to see me. Niall froze, “No I don’t think so, love.” Said Harry. “Wait, where are the beanies?” asked Louis. “Um…over there on the wall.” I answered him pointing at the wall.” Thanks, love.” Louis said as he walked to them. “J…Ja…Jay?” Niall stood there looking at me. “I’m sorry.” I said running out of the store. “Marissa!” shouted my boss. I had to get home. I don’t care about work right now. I just couldn’t.
Niall’s P.O.V
I was walking in and out of places with Louis and Harry. “Can we go to Abercrombie and Fitch, please?” asked Louis. “But we have already been there and you didn’t even look at anything.” Said Harry. “That’s because I didn’t see the beanies or anything good.” Louis said getting his pouty face on. “Fine.” Said Harry. I wasn’t going to fight with them I didn’t really care. We turned around and started to go back to the store. When we got there we opened the door to hear a bell go off. We just stood there trying to find something worth looking at. Over at the counter, I saw a woman looking down and talking to something then point at us. We started to look at different things when someone came behind us and asked, “Do you need any help?” I turned around to see a girl that looked so familiar I froze because memories started coming back that I couldn’t stop.
I don’t know what it is about her, but there was one thing I know I never wanted her to leave me. “Jay, why do you have to go to summer camp? Why don’t you just stay here with me?” I asked. “Because I have to spread my wings and expand my horizon, Niall. I can’t live here forever.” Jay said. She looked out the window seeing the sunset and stars coming out. “I’m not leaving right now. Come on.” Jay said grabbing my hand. We ran out of the house to the backyard and laid down on the grass. She looked up at the stars so amazed. I just looked at her as she started to talk about all the constellations. It was getting pretty late and I could see Jay’s eyes slowly closing as she fell asleep. She moved herself closer to me as a general reflex. I couldn’t do this. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to my bed where we both fell asleep.
End of Flashback
“No I don’t think so, love.” Harry said. “Wait, where are the beanies?” Louis asked. “Um…over there on the wall.” She answered. “Thank you, love.”Louis said walking off. “J…Ja…Jay?” I asked not being able to believe she was alive. “I’m sorry.” She said taking off out the door. “Marissa!” That woman yelled after her. Harry stood there looking at me confused. “Hazza I have to go.” I said walking out the door. I was at the verge of tears. I can’t believe Jay is alive. She knows I know who she is. She said she was sorry I need to know what happened and why she said sorry.

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