You Held Me

Jay had a good life till something happened that changed it. What will happen when her past starts to become her present again. Can she handle it? What will happen at the end that will make all of you hate me? Who knows oh yeah me hahaha


1. The Past

Jay’s P.O.V
I can’t believe it has been 4 years since the wreck. I miss my best friend, Niall, and my real family.
Flashback- May 10, 2008
“You finished packing yet?” My mother yelled from the living room. I was going on a cruise for the summer. My mom said I could if I raised the money, but I was the only one going. “Yeah, I’m finished.” I said bringing my stuff down the stairs. I have an Irish accent, but for some weird reason my parents never did. I pulled out my phone while putting food on my plate that my mom had made. “Niall, where are you? I thought you wanted to tell me bye.” I sent him. He is always late like this. “I’m coming just open the door. From: Niall.” I ran to the door dropping my phone and shoving food in my mouth. “Finally.” I yelled as he pulled me into a hug. A really tight one a matter of fact. “Um…Ni…Niall…to…ti…ght…ple…ase.” I said struggling to get that out. Once he pulled away I saw a tear run down his cheek. “Niall, hey look at me. I’ll be back in 2 weeks at the max. I promise.” I said wiping the tear off his face. “I know. I will just miss you so much.” He told me while I stared into his blue eyes. I walked to the kitchen finishing my breakfast. “Jay come on we got to get going.” My mom said walking in then walking out to go crank the car. “Niall, I will miss you too. I got to go though.” I told him as he pulled me into another hug. “You promise?” He asked pulling away looking at me. “Yes.” I answered. “Okay, have fun.” He said as he kissed my cheek. I walked to my stuff, grabbed it, and walked out.
10 minutes later
“Please board the ship. We will be leaving in 5 minutes.” A woman said over the intercom. “Bye.” I said to my mom as I gave her a hug and walked up the ramp to the ship. After awhile I finally found my room. I sat my stuff down on the bed and got out my swimsuit. I slipped it on and put my cover on over it, grabbed a towel, and walked out of the room. When I had got to the deck we had already left the dock and were in the sea. I had decided to just have fun and not worry about a lot of stuff.
After about a day or two of talking to hot guys and having fun I decided to just chill in my room for the rest of the day. I took a shower, dressed in a tank top and shorts, and laid on my bed. I slowly drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours when I woke to sirens going off. RED SIRENS!!!! What is going on? What is happening? I grabbed my bag I had, it wasn’t really big, and I started to run to the deck. When I got there people were getting in life boats left and right. Men, women, and children filled all of the boats, but there wasn’t enough. I wasn’t going to be stupid and wait for the ship to sink like the Titanic did so I took my chance and jumped off. I was a really good swimmer and I have been jumping off stuff like this for a while now. So I swam as far as could away from the sinking cruise ship.
After a couple of hours of floating in the sea the sun came out and I could see that I was close to land. But I was too weak to swim to the shore so I gently paddled my feet. Once I hit shore I climbed on it just enough so I wasn’t completely in the water and fell asleep. I finally woke up there were people all around me. I started coughing and some water came out of my mouth. People were telling people to call 911 and they were asking me questions. “Who are you?” one person asked then I heard someone else ask, “Why were you in the ocean?” then there was another, “How did you get here?” But everyone moved away when an ambulance came and some paramedics put me on a stretcher. When we got to the hospital they made sure I was fine and healthy then let the police in. “Ma’am what is your name?” they asked, but I didn’t answer. Since they did not know who I was, how old I was, or anything else they put me in a foster home so I could get adopted. When I got there I figured out that I was in the state New York and there were a lot of people at the foster home looking for one right kid to come along for them. The police escorted me in and talked to the head person around the place. She agreed to something and then turned to me as the police left. “Janet, come here please.” She yelled up the stairs while looking at me. “What do you want now?” said Janet. She was a brunette with green eyes and slim in the waist. “Will you show this girl around?” the women said pointing to me. “Yeah, sure why not.” Janet said. “Come on I will show you around.” Said Janet as she grabbed my arm and started to pull me with her. We walked away to a room and stopped as she started saying this is my room. Janet turned to me, but I was already at the bed with my bag in front of me as I went through it sitting everything on the bed to see what I needed to do with everything. I pulled out clothes and Ziploc bag after Ziploc bag then I pulled out a metal tin container. I moved everything so I could sit on the bed up against the wall. I sat there holding the tin in my lap and my legs up against my stomach as I started to cry. The last thing I thought that day was I’m sorry I could not keep my promises to you, Niall.
After about a week, a young couple came in and when they saw me they wanted to be friends so they ended up adopting me and when they did we all moved to California. So that’s where I have been the past 4 years.
End of Flashback
I still didn’t tell my “parents” what happened and who I am, but they know how old I am. They renamed me Marissa Jewel Miller. I don’t live with them I live in a dorm with my roommate Joy. My family thinks I’m dead and my best friend does too. I just think about that everyday. Niall has moved on I mean he has new friends and he is in the biggest boy band there is known as One Direction.

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