You Held Me

Jay had a good life till something happened that changed it. What will happen when her past starts to become her present again. Can she handle it? What will happen at the end that will make all of you hate me? Who knows oh yeah me hahaha


3. Having Too Do Stuff

Jay’s P.O.V
Niall remembers. I ran as fast as I could to my dorm because I couldn’t stand looking at him. Not in a bad way, but in a way that the person makes you sad when you look at them. When I got to the dorm Joy was sitting on the couch watching the television. “Why are you home so early Marissa?” asked Joy. “I don’t want to talk about it right now.” I said going to my bedroom and bursting into tears as I crawling under the blankets. I felt horrible, I can’t believe he is here and he saw me. He knows it is me. After a while of crying, I fell asleep until Joy came in the room. “Hey, Marissa you have to get up. You need to eat and we need to talk about what happened.” It was 7:00 p.m so it wasn’t late. I was still suppose to be at work till 8:00, but that didn’t happen. “But I don’t wanna. I want to just stay here and cry. That is all I am good for.” I said to Joy. “Oh hells no get your butt up now. Don’t make me get you up the hard way.” Joy said half way serious, half not. “Fine. I’m up, I’m up.” I said getting out of the bed and going to the bathroom to wash my face. I left the door open since all I was doing was washing my face off from the tear stains and makeup being smeared. I walked to the kitchen where Joy had made supper. I think Joy was just happy I was out of bed. “So what happened?” Joy asked while I started to eat. “I saw someone that I haven’t seen in a while.” I said shoving food in my mouth. “Are you sure that was all that happened?” Joy asked. “Yes I am sure.” I said. “Okay good cause we have a concert to go to and tomorrow morning we have to go shopping and get q new outfit for me and you.” Joy said getting really hyper. I don’t know why we have to get a new outfit if it is just for a concert. I mean seriously, but I am not going to argue with Joy cause she always wins no matter what it is about. Maybe that is the reason I became friends with her. She makes me do stuff that I normally wouldn’t do. I finished eating since Joy already ate. We went and watched the television for about an hour. “So what type of outfits were you thinking about getting?” I asked her. “I mean it can’t be anything fancy since it is just a concert.” I added. “IT IS NOT JUST A CONCERT! This is a One Direction concert there is a big difference. But yeah nothing fancy. Maybe a new shirt, pants, shoe, and accessories.” She answered. “Don’t you think that is a bit much for a One Direction concert I mean they are just guys.” I said. “No they are not just guys. They are perfect, amazing, talented guys.” Joy argued. “Well you do have that right with one of them.” I said under my breath. “And your point is?” I said arguing back. “It is not like you know them. You don’t even pay attention to them now.” She shouted at me. She doesn’t know I keep up with what they do. It is not her place to know. I ran to my room yelling, “You don’t know me! You never will!” I slammed the door and locked it behind me. I curled up in a ball crying on the ground next to the door. “Marissa, I’m sorry I didn’t mean too.” Joy said from the other side of the door. I didn’t answer I just sat there and cried. I fell asleep till the next morning at 9:15. I unlocked my door and walked to the bathroom with a grey tank top and a pair of short shorts. They were short, but not the booty shorts. I washed my face, got in the shower, and started to low sing. I didn’t want to sing to loud or Joy would hear it and bug me about it. I never actually sang in front of anyone. EVER. No one knew how talented I was. My family never really encouraged it so I was always quiet. Once I got out of the shower I turned the music on my phone on. I was drying my off when ‘Titanium’ came on. I started singing to it while putting on my clothes and some mascara. I brushed my hair while walking out of the bathroom. I had turned off my music and stuck it in my pocket. Joy came into the living room. “You ready?” “You are seriously going to make me go?” I asked her. “Yes, yes I am.” “Fine let me get my shoes on.” I said getting up to go get my Nike flat bottoms. When we were out the door we continue to have a conversation. “So where to now?” I asked. “What about Forever 21?” “Sure just any place except Abercrombie and Fitch.” We walked till we were there then Joy went crazy grabbing stuff as I just walked around picking out some clothes just a little bit girlier than I usually wear since Joy would argue with me about it. I found a neon yellow short cut shirt with the words Live Life Young on it, a pair of black short shorts, and a multicolored neon bracelet. Then I was done or I thought I was until Joy came over to me and started talking about getting some shoes. I went to look at some shoes and came back with a pair of black Vans. I paid for all of my stuff before Joy could comment on it. 

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