You Held Me

Jay had a good life till something happened that changed it. What will happen when her past starts to become her present again. Can she handle it? What will happen at the end that will make all of you hate me? Who knows oh yeah me hahaha


4. Having 'Fun'

“Joy, you ready?” “No not yet. Green or pink?” “Green.” “Okay thanks now I’m ready to pay for my stuff.” After Joy finished, we walked out of the store. I pulled out my phone to look at the time it was 2:00 p.m. Wow did time fly. “Can we get something to eat? I am hungry.” I asked while moaning about how hungry I was. “Yeah sure, but we have to hurry I have to take a shower, fix my hair, and get dressed.” We walked to a fast food place and ordered to go. We walked back to the dorm while I ate my food on the way. I listened to Joy talk about how I looked like a pig eating down the road and different stuff like that. We got to the dorm when I finished my food it was very satisfying. The concert was at 7:00 p.m so we had some time to relax. “Oh yeah, we have meet and greet passes too.” Joy said walking past the couch where I was. “Are you serious cause if you are I hate you.” “Yes, I am serious and you can hate me all you want, but I am still going to make you go to the concert with me.” “But I don’t wanna met them especially Niall.” I said in a whiny voice. “How much do you know about them?” She asked. “Not that much, but with Niall more then you know.” “Oh, Niall has a stalker. You’re a Niall’s girl. I knew you actually liked them, but you just tried to hide it.” Joy said laughing. “Okay, you think whatever you want to. I will just play along with it.” “Okay.” She said while pulling me to get off the couch. Joy pulled me to my bedroom. “I’m going to do your hair for the concert. You can’t take it down till we leave the concert.” “Fine.” I said sitting in the chair she told me to sit in. “Why are you fixing it so early?” “So just in case I mess up I can try again.” I sat there as she did my hair it was probably a fishtail braid. She left my bangs out of it and she kept my side part I think. She was almost finished and asking for a hair bow. “And finished.” Joy said turning the chair toward the mirror. It was really pretty with my brown hair. “Thanks. What time is it?” I asked. “Your welcome and it is… 4:00. We have to get ready.” She walked out of my room and went to hers. I got out of the chair and walked over to the bag of clothes we had bought earlier today. I picked them up, laid them on my bed, and went to my closet. I walked back to the clothes with a black tank top in my hand. I switched my grey tank top for the black and put on the rest of my new clothes. I walked to the full length mirror. I think Joy will like what I got since it’s better than my other clothes. I walked out of my bedroom after putting my new Vans on and the neon bracelet. I walked into the living room grabbing my phone to put it into my pocket. “Joy, Are you almost finished? It is like I don’t know o’clock, but the concert is 30 to 45 minutes away.” I had taken my sweet time to get ready which took like only 30 minutes. “No, I am not done. I still have to do my hair and put my shoes on.” I sat down and started to watch the television as Joy ran through the dorm trying to get ready. I switched the channel to a music channel and started to get up while listening to music. I was just walking around the dorm and ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus came on. I forgot all about Joy being in the dorm and started singing aloud. At the end of the song I heard a door open. “Wow!” Joy said amazed while walking down the hallway. “You finished yet? Cause we kind of need to go.” I said changing the subject. “Yeah I’m ready, but that was amazing.” She said still on the topic of my singing. “No it’s not just forget you ever heard me sing.” “No I won’t cause that was really good.” “Come on, can we please just go?” “Yes, we can.” She said grabbing the keys and starting to walk to the door. “Slow down!” I shouted at her.  “Not until you sing for me.” Joy yelled back. “Fine.” I said and she stopped instantly.

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