Torn Between Two

Jessica was after Emanuel for like two years. They met at the church that her mom goes to and she makes Jessica go but then she meets her idols... her loves... her favorite band, as a weird coincident. She starts falling for one of these lucky guys and they start taking their relationship seriously Then, Tada! Emanuel notices she exists. But he doesn't know she has a boyfriend so HE starts taking it seriously with Jessica. But trapped between the TWO guys who she has dreamt about for the past few years who will she choose?


1. An Unexpected Ride

(I might blabber,but probably because it's the first chapter and it's the intro. So, Hope you like it :) <3 )



'I've been waiting all this time to finally say it''


'But every time I tell her that I want more, she closes the door'


Stole my heart

I would 

Another world



Jessica. She knew them all, mostly. In and out. Word per Word. Note by note. But she was happy listening to any lyrics not just her favorite band..

"I suck at writing reports!" Jessica whined, while crumpling the paper she had been writing on. Well, it was a good start. But not good enough. Reports were bad enough, but a autobiography?! She could start on the day she was born and build it up from there. Or the day her parents divorced and explain how that built up to the person that she is now. Advice that the teacher gave her was to start about something that she loves,like what? She Loved her dad. Her dog. One Direction. Her passion, though. The one thing that makes her feel better at her worst moments. When she's sad, angry, upset, in tears, and even blood.




Jessica played, sang, and wrote. Even though she wasn't the best, maybe not even good. Jessica played violin and guitar. She sang in front of the t.v., in the shower, or just when she wanted to. She wrote when she was on the verge of tears. Whether they were because of happiness, anger, or sadness. Those were caused by her mother. Not all the time, but most of it. Though she wished that it was more happiness than the other two.

"Let's go!'' Al said rushing to her room, ''Our ride is here.'' 

''I don't wanna go!''  Jessica said turning around from her desk. As she turned she looked around at one of the most familiar places she knew. Her room. Light purple walls, One Direction posters, loud music, instrument cases leaning against the wall and it all just seemed like what described her the best. The colors, the pictures, the items. Though it was a small place, it comforted her the most. 

''You have too, Manny is gonna be their!'' He said teasing her.

''Shut up!'' Jessica said as she grabbed her purse then started walking down the hall and out then front door. To the ride that  is gonna take them to church. And practice. A song. With the rest of the youth group.  Though, it wasn't the first time, Jessica had a weird feeling in the pit  of her stomach. This should be fun...


"Paz de Cristo" Jessica greeted her ride with a smile while getting into the car.

"Amen, Mija, como estas?" was her response.

"Bien, gracias."

Jessica didn't like being religious. It just happened, kind of. Well, whenever her mom took her to church, one that she didn't like. She didn't like it there because  it kept her from doing all the things that she loved like listening to music, expressing her culture, and having the greatest birthday of her life when she turned fifteen. At that church music was bad if it wasn't dedicated to God. Expressing her culture as a way of dance was 'bad', too, because it wasn't for God, it was for your own pleasure. No matter what Jessica didn't let go of what she loved the most. If she was listening to music, her mom would slam the laptop shut. But she always had her dad, he would turn the music up, and even buy her concert tickets. He even got a second job to pay for her fifteenth birthday party.

"Hey, Alan. Hey, Jenny." She said to her friends. 

"Mrs. Alvarez," Alan said teasing her with a nod and Jessica could feel herself blushing. And Jenny replied with a simple "Hi."

On the way to church Jessica sat looking out the window thinking about life and whatever random thing popped into her head. Mostly One Direction concert coming up next week. Too bad she wasn't going, but that's not gonna stop her from being a supportive fan. She had been thinking about it for months, now. Just hope she's not alone. She's gonna go scream and shout outside the arena where they were performing. Her dad agreed to take her, but her mom wasn't so happy about it...

Many people encouraged Jessica to listen to her mother as a mother not as the person who takes her to church. Jessica tried to do that. But whatever she did, or wanted to, it always seemed to be 'bad' to her mom and her husband. 

     "I want to learn karate!"

          " No, because the guy who created it made a pact with the devil."

     "I wanna watch a scary movie!"

          "No, you'll release demons into the house."

It pissed her off how her mom ended up with this guy. She could do so much better. In the past she has dated several guys, but Jessica was only comfortable  around one of them. But he had to go back to Mexico. He knew how to clean  and cook. And now this guy can, but when Jessica's mom is telling him how to. And even then, it doesn't  taste that good. 


Jessica's P.O.V.


Mom tells me to help him when he cooks and I sit there thinking, 'WTF? Who helps me  when I'm cooking?' My mom brags about how he's such a great worker, but when  I get home from school he's locked up in a room  saying that his head hurts. Even though he's supposed to be watching my little sisters. So he just leaves them making  a mess in the living room. Well, at least he used to. Because now,I don't come home from school because SUMMER VACATION! 6 months and I haven't gotten used to the guy tha-

"Look!" Jenny said semi-exited.

My heart just skipped a beat. If I was with my dad, I would've honked until I got their attention and I would've honked until I got their attention and I would've gotten their autograph through the window, even though we were driving to the highway. But I wasn't with my dad. I was with church people. I couldn't do all that. No matter  how much I wanted too.

"You think Niall is in their?" My brother asked.

"Yes!! With Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis!" I replied as fast a as I could.  

"Can I borrow your phone?" I asked as  calmly as possible. He knows how much this would mean to me, I think as he handed me his iPhone and I gave him the biggest smile possible.  I went to the camera as fast as I could and to my luck, the windows weren't tinted.  I took the first picture looking at the screen and I couldn't believe my eyes until I looked up.


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