I've changed

Hey guyss, im Ashlee. ive been through rough times and this is my story :)


1. Prologue

"Ashlee! Stop eating! you're too fat!"

"go away. we dont like you"

"sorry, there isnt enough SPACE for you"

I ran out of the playground. My "best friend" told me i was fat, all the kids didnt want to play with me. Why? i wasnt skinny and pretty like them. In Jr. High, i was socially awkward. I didnt have friends. I always wore a jacket and i sat alone. High school, i made more friends. Now my mom was pressuring me to be skinny. I tried but i realized that i loved food too much. The end of sophmore year, things changed. I saw how i couldnt dress in style because i had cellulite. i saw the pictures of girls with thigh gaps and made up my mind to have that by the end of summer. One day, Kyle, my childhood best friend, noticed something was up. He had seen how i threw my lunch in the trash, how i went on 5 mile runs everyday. Since we had come to high school, he had his friends and I had mine. We both knew that if we hung out, people would think we were dating. and i dont know why someone would think that i would date a kid younger than me. He texted me for the first time in months and asked me if something was wrong. I told him that I've changed.

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