Every Possibility |Harry Styles AU|

Kathryn is currently battling leukemia for the past years of her life. She tries to keep a happy image up for her mother, who won't let go. But all Kathryn is trying to do is live life as much as she can before she passes away, but gets more than she ever expected with the one and only Harry Styles, the most powerful and dangerous narc there is. As the wheels change in every direction for both of them now they have to find a way to have life over death, but they might as well both be dead.


1. Prelude.

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The cool Fall air hit her face, as she watched the birds fly out - to their nest, she guessed. It would be getting dark soon. The sun was setting and she smiled. She loved seeing the sun set and rise. It put her at ease. It was beautiful, she thought. It was her favorite time of day. 

Kathryn was the name of this child. Well, no; not a child, but she would act like it. Never having anything to do in this place other than what all the doctors, nurses, and her mother would say, "Work on getting better." She was. She is.

But she felt like she was the healthiest person there. Excluding the staff, of course. She knew the cancer wouldn't just go away by itself, but yet, she still wished it did.  And its not like she refused to take her pills and all the medicine when she was told. She just wanted freedom. 

Her head didn't snap towards the noise she guessed was the door opening and shutting again. Her eyes stayed lock to the outside scene. "Kathy?" Her nurse Nancy came in sight, she held a tray full of different kinds of medicine Kathryn could still not tell apart, even after years of having the same routine over and over again.   

"It's time for your pill- and for you to come back in." Kathryn slightly rolled her eyes at her nurse, who was standing by.

Kathryn stood from her comfortable position from the rocking couch on the balcony. Taking the pills from Nancy in her hands she took them in her mouth, swallowing them, finally getting it over with it, then drinking the glass of water. "Can I just stay out here for a while longer? Please?" She pleaded to her nurse. 

Nancy sighed, but nodded. She knew Kathryn would come back in once the sun had finally set, and she got a good look at the stars before getting in bed, just like any other day. Well, most days she would do just that. But sometimes when the air felt nice- like today, Kathryn would sneak off outside and take a stroll around the hospital. Sometimes even to the closest park.

It was a beautiful day today, which meant, for her, she would be of course going out tonight. To get the wind in her face, wanting to feel free tonight.

Although, it was mandatory for her to get as much rest as possible; she didn't listen. Always rebelling,  her mom would say when she told her about the things she did. Her mom, only wanting what was best for her didn't approve, though she knew she couldn't get her to listen. 

Even on Winter nights she would take a stroll. That was the time of year she would do it. It seemed odd being in the cold like that at night, but not for her. Hence, it was her favorite season. That's why she actually loved her room in this place.

The walls were a plain white; the kind of white you only see on that first  cool snowy day of Winter. Where you see the first snowflakes fall on the ground, dispersing into nothing, until the rest start falling right after the other.  Drinking hot cocoa. Having snowball fights--although, yes, she really didn't participate in them, but she watched from the sidelines. Her favorite part, that we get to dress more comfortable with a pair of sweatpants, and an over sized sweater, then you can in any other season.

Well, in her opinion that is. 

As the sun finally set, she went back inside. Closing the door, she lied on her bed, looking at the ceiling above her, not even thinking about what anybody else could be doing out tonight.


His face was illuminated by the moonlight above. He squinted in the dark to get a better look at the figure just six yards away, from the bench he sat on. He then, smirked, glad to know he was here, too. He walked over to the figure, as swiftly as ever. His expression was calm, almost relaxed. 

"Eric," he said, the boy- Eric, looked over his shoulder. His eyes slightly widening at the sight in front of him. 

"Harry, I, uh... what are you doing here?" Eric stuttered, but who could blame him. He, although didn't know the answer, he was scared shitless just by the presence of Harry. He was alone, with no bodyguards around, but Eric knew Harry was more dangerous without his bodyguards around. They would always stop him from causing a scene.

"The better question would be," Harry urged closer to him, grabbing him from his shirt collar, pushing him up against the nearest tree. "where's my money, Eric?" His voice was sharp; intimidating. 

"I... don't... I don't have it," he stuttered out, knowing Harry would obviously not like that answer.

"Well, Eric, that's gonna be a problem, isn't it?" His temper was rising. If there was something Harry hated most, was being made a fool out of.

Harry punched him once in the jaw, hard enough to make Eric feel the throbbing pain rushing through his body. Eric's nose was throbbing, red gush running out of it, like a waterfall. Harry then, again and again, continuously punched the side of his face. That, would surely leave him bruised, and right now, it satisfied Harry, but just for now.

"I'll have it- just give me some time," Eric kept stuttering out, his eyes not on Harry's, too scared to look at his bright green eyes that looked like they belonged to the most innocent piece out there, but now filled with fury that only came when he was angry. But now, far from angry he was. Only 19 years of age, and he scared any living creature that stood just a mere 3 feet away from him.

Harry finally let go of him, making him drop on the grass, "I've given you enough time, already. You have until tomorrow," He said, now walking away, there was no one here, but a small figure far in the distance, which he couldn't care less about. He looked over his shoulder, giving him that deadly look once more "or else." 

And he was gone.

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