Every Possibility |Harry Styles AU|

Kathryn is currently battling leukemia for the past years of her life. She tries to keep a happy image up for her mother, who won't let go. But all Kathryn is trying to do is live life as much as she can before she passes away, but gets more than she ever expected with the one and only Harry Styles, the most powerful and dangerous narc there is. As the wheels change in every direction for both of them now they have to find a way to have life over death, but they might as well both be dead.


3. Chapter Two.

Nothing felt right tonight to Kathryn; not as she got up from bed, nor when she took my pills. It didn’t feel right when she went out to the garden. There were a lot of people there today.

She was sat out in the garden; her full attention on the dying flowers. Winter would soon be here, the flowers would be gone, the geese would migrate, and the birds would no longer chirp the happy tunes she was awoken by regularly.

She looked up across the street; nothing. She hadn't seen him in three days. A normal person would think that was a good thing, but not her.  She feels something; something she shouldn't be thinking about. It scared her and she pushed the feeling away, but she knew it would soon come creeping up on her later.

Picking up the roots from the flowers, made her mind go back; his red flannel shirt stood out that day. Five days after she had first seen him at the park. The first time she ever saw him here, She first saw an unfamiliar car parked across the street; a gray car. If someone were to ask her to identify it, she wouldn’t; couldn’t. What could she say? It was gray car. She could not think of it any other way. She didn’t know what model it was; nothing. It was these situations; she would have loved her father to teach her, if it were an importance.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter if she knew what model of car it was. She only knew it was his car. And that is all that really mattered.

It stayed parked there for about an hour and she didn't think much of it when she first saw it. But then he came out and her heart stopped. He was wearing a white t-shirt and dark, tight jeans. His hair was a mess of curls, she could not even see his ears; like if he didn't have any and that was the only funny thing she could think of at the moment.

But he looked up, then, at the hospital, she instantly thought he was there because of her. But why would he? She didn't think he was worried she'd say something about him or anything, though as if he actually knew she saw something. What was there to tell, anyway?  It's not like she knew his name, or where he lived, or anything like that.

Her trance was lost when a shadow covered my sight. She looked up; her mother stood there, her arms crossed. Kathryn gave her a slight wave, her mom didn't return it.

"Mom," she breathed out. "I didn't know you were coming today. I thought you had work." She stood up then; her height almost towering her. Kathryn never did get any of the height genes, or any good genes. She had gotten her father’s dark brown eyes, instead of her mother's blue ones. She had gotten her father's dark brown hair, instead of her mother's blonde hair; although her hair wasn't as dark as her father's, but a lighter color. Her mom had blonde wavy hair and her father’s straight. She have no idea how her hair came out the way it did.

"Sorry, I just wanted to come and visit you. Is that so wrong?"

"No," says Kathryn as she dusts off her pants. "No, I guess not." Kathryn then, looked at her mother’s facial expression. She knew something was up; she knew her own mother. Her stomach lurched as she asked her, “Something is wrong, isn’t it, with me.”

Her body expression changed, though not her facial. She tensed, but kept her face expressionless. It was times like these where she wishes her mother would tell her things, instead of Kathryn never wanting to hear anything. But now, seeing her mother not tell her something, it must have been big, or she wouldn’t hesitate to tell Kathryn.

“No,” her mother finally says. “There is nothing going on. You’re stable; I just wanted to see you, is all.” Kathryn eyed her mom carefully, not sure what to say. She knew she was lying, but if it was bad, did she really want to know? She didn’t think so. Just forget about it, Kathryn, she told herself. “Have you been doing well?  You haven’t snuck off in the middle of the night again, have you?”

Kathryn’s breathe hitched in her throat. Her immediate answer was to say no. But she didn’t. She didn’t want to tell her mom what she had seen, or what has been happening, although she did at the same time. She wasn’t one to keep secrets from. Especially since her father died; of what, it was of course, cancer. Which is why Kathryn’s mother was so worried about her. She didn’t want the rest of her own family to die off from the same thing.

Kathryn hesitated for a second. “No, I haven’t. I guess, my brain must be taking your warnings seriously,” she laughs in attempt to hide her white lie. To make time pass by, Kathryn filled her mother in about her treatments; nothing really interesting, though it was the only thing she could tell other than the mysterious stranger that she has seen every day for the past week, excluding the past three days.

And then Kathryn watches her mom leave in her small red car. Once her car was out of my sight, she turned around, towards the hospital doors; the flowers in her hands.

There was a screeching noise coming from afar. Out of instinct, Kathryn turns her heel around, her curiosity taking over. And you know what they say, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Her heart start thumping in her chest; a weight drops in her stomach; her head feels weird; she isn’t breathing normally.

She drops on the floor and the last thing she sees are the same piercing emerald green eyes she hadn’t seen in days, staring back at her.  

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