Every Possibility |Harry Styles AU|

Kathryn is currently battling leukemia for the past years of her life. She tries to keep a happy image up for her mother, who won't let go. But all Kathryn is trying to do is live life as much as she can before she passes away, but gets more than she ever expected with the one and only Harry Styles, the most powerful and dangerous narc there is. As the wheels change in every direction for both of them now they have to find a way to have life over death, but they might as well both be dead.


2. Chapter One.

[a/n: nobody told me to switch to 1st person so its still gonna be 3rd person, leave me feedback, please]

Staring at the man across the street,  slowly and intently watching her, sent a shiver up her spine. 

She stepped away from the window, not wanting to look at his face, again. Surely, if I did, he'd still be there; watching her with such intensity. 

She remembers the night where she first laid eyes on him. It was like a binding, once she saw his features in the moonlight. The horror it gave her watching him beat the man almost to death, for God knows what in that park. The park she was so, very unlucky to be standing at. He then, spent the rest of his night sitting at the bar, drinking. Well, she knew that up till I finally left. But, she kept watch on him.

As soon as she saw him turning his head around, she quickly looked away, finding the hopeless, brown,  wooden walls more safe to look at. He knows, she thought, he knows I'm watching and practically stalking himOr maybe he senses someone watching him and doesn't know it's me, she kept thinking hopeful. Just like how he sensed there was someone else in the park, watching the blood curling scene. 

Precipitated with anxiety over the situation, she so badly wished she had never left the hospital that night. She wished so badly she had actually listened to her mom scolding her all those time she went out at night. 

"It can be dangerous. You never know what might happen, or if you'll come upon some creep that'll most likely rape you!" 

No mother, she thought,  not rape. Maybe kill, but most likely not rape. She thought he'd surely done something by now if he was going to do anything. Yet, she thought he was paying close to no attention to her whatsoever. 

With one last breathe, in and out, she calmed herself down, ready to leave. She reached the door, almost put, she turned her head once more out of stupidness. He was still kept on that bar stool, but his green eyes were piercing through her brown ones, as they stayed locked with each other. Her heart began to thump almost unrhythmically. She was out of there in a dash.
She let out a small whimper as she fled from the bar. Running as fast as her legs could go. Minutes later she was back again, in front of the hospital. She went through the back, and up again through the rope hanging from above. Her heart wouldn't stop beating, not even taking her other pills she had forgot to take earlier, before she left-- more like, before she had to fall asleep. Keeping her mind running through everything except the stranger. 

Swallowing hard, she came back to reality. Blinking a few times, she forced herself to look back out the balcony. He was gone. She searched for his grey automotive she saw him leaning against earlier, and every other day she thought he was there. Surely, she hadn't imagined she saw him there. No, she thought. He was there today and every other day, he was in different clothes, and leaning on the same car.

Or she was going crazy.

Still, she didn't see him. Not when she searched through the streets for the familiar vehicle that she had always seen parked on the same spot across the street. All she could see is the people out taking a stroll. All she could hear is the cars honking at each other to get out of their way.  Far down below all she saw were patients and nurses. But there was no stranger out, about watching her every move. 

She sat on the bed, bringing her hands up to her brown, always a mess hair, trying to take care of it. She always hated her hair the way it was. It never accommodated into curly, nor straight; always a wave and curl sometimes straight would mix together; never finding at where it wanted to be. She paid not much attention to her hair at this moment, just thought about the not so stranger anymore stalking her through the mornings up until mid afternoon. Maybe more, but she didn't want to think if he did or not.

If he watched her while she ate, and talked, or even undressed herself. Watching her just like she was watching him that night.Just a week ago. What had brought him to her? Did he follow her all the way here? Did he watch as she climbed up to her room so he would know where she slept?  Those thoughts sent even more shivers up and down her spine. 

"Kathy? Kathryn?" Her gaze went up to her nurse, mere inches from her. Her hands on her hips, watching Kathryn. "Are you okay?" She asked. Kathryn nodded, her attention getting on her nurse. 

"Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

"I said, it's time for your pills." She nodded once again, handing Kathryn her pills, as she took them she spoke before she could think about it.

"Nancy, have you um- have you seen anybody around? I don't know, someone wandering about, who you haven't ever seen here?" Why? Why? Why had she asked her that? Now she looked as if she were crazy. 

"No; not that I know of. Why, have you?" Kathryn quickly shook her head no. 

Maybe she was going crazy, but she refused to believe it. Because she knows. She knows what she saw that night, and she knows that he's been here, watching her.

I'm not crazy, she reminded herself. I saw him.

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